Admins & Moderators

If you want to check if an admin is on the server, do /players in chat and look for the orange name.
If not, you can use the /helpme command followed by your message to ping and admin or moderator on discord. 

Please bear in mind that none of the admins or mods are your slaves.  If you want help, then be polite or you’ll have a sudden case of wolves on your hands.  Or even worse, a couple of dozen chickens in your foundations.  It’s deafening, and you’ll be sorry for doing what you did.

Our whole ethos at GameKeeper is we keep a very light touch on everything.

As admins…

We don’t take sides.  We don’t get involved.  We observe only.  You’re on your own.

We want YOU to have fun, we want YOU to enjoy yourselves, and WE don’t want to be bothered unless something is clearly broken and then we’re on it.  (Some things take longer to fix than others.  Please don’t hassle us.)

The best place for you to report something that you think might be broken is in the forums.  We get alerted, then we can take a look at our leisure and confirm or explain what’s supposed to be happening for future reference.


There aren’t that many rules and mostly they’re about wasting the admins time.  Obviously using software assists and some exploits like building a base inside a rock (very difficult now, probably impossible without admin powers) aren’t allowed.  Just use the brain you were born with eh?

If you waste the admins time with trivial stuff where the answer can be found here on the web site or in the rules, you will be banned.  If the rules don’t mention it, then it’s allowed – no need to bother an admin.  Examples of recent requests for info which we thought were unnecessary (but we didn’t ban anyone for this time) are “can we build on icebergs?” and “can we build a wall around a monument?”  Because those things aren’t mentioned in the rules, yes you can.

If you’re asking if something is allowed and the rules don’t mention it, you will be banned.  If you’re asking if something is allowed and the rules say it isn’t, then you will be banned.  In other words, don’t bother the admins.  Instead read the fucking rules and then use your brain.

Admins are busy maintaining the server and testing and tweaking and configuring.  In other words doing admin work.  Admins are BUSY.