Backpacks are now on all Gamekeeper Servers

Backpacks are now on all GameKeeper Rust servers. Yaaay!

It's been a long wait folks, but after a tip off from Zilch, it seems that the backpacks plugin is now stable and consequently I've installed it on all servers. This is great news as I've always *wanted* to be able to use it, but the number of bugs over the years has prevented it.

You can bind a key to open the backpack, or press t and then click on the new backpack icon in the 7th slot that appears in the hotbar. Use one of these or bind your own key in F1-console. Binding it to 7 makes the most logical sense as it's in your hotbar with items 1-6, but it's up to you.

bind 7
bind b

You can also type /backpack in text chat.

For now I've given everyone full access to the very largest 42 slot backpack as a taster, but this will change from next wipe.

At next wipe, the basic backpack will be a 12-slot. If you want a bigger backpack then there will be TWO ways you can upgrade to larger amounts.

#1 - After you spend x many hours on the server that wipe, your backpacks will upgrade. Time and quantity TBD. Your play time will reset each wipe.

#2 - Bypass the wait and buy one of the lifetime perks that will appear in the new donators area on this site. Something around $5-$10 for different backpack sizes TBD. This one-off contribution of yours helps keep the servers running.

Option 2 will probably be the favourite as you can start a fresh wipe with a bigger backpack, but if you're short of cash, simply playing on the server will gradually upgrade your backpack, however your play time will reset each wipe. More news on this at next wipe.

Option 1 is TBC. I'm not sure if there's a plugin available that will do it for sure - some experimentation is needed.