Backpacks Blacklist on PVP Servers

Sometimes I am naive when it comes to human nature. I’ve just had to take action as a vip+++ player on one of the PvP servers has been taking advantage of that ranks ability to keep the contents of the backpack upon death.

It seems they were attacking bases as a naked while storing huge amounts of resources (guns, ammo, sulfur, C4, rockets) in their backpack knowing that if they died they would still have the contents of their backpack available to them. This is therefore classed as an exploit and so I’ve had to take action to fix it.

I’ve now blacklisted all firearms, ammo, sulfur and sulfur ore, charcoal, gunpowder, explosives, etc. from being placed into backpacks. In other words, anything that gives a vip+++ player on PvP servers an unfair advantage. This will take effect from the mid-monthly wipe on 17th November.



thank youuuu raiding makes sense now

Jeeeeez, thanks…. all this kids Raiding me while having nothing on them… those are good news, thanks alot