BackPacks Plugin Upgrade

The BackPacks plugin has just had a series of upgrades over the last month with the most recent adding a couple of very useful features. This update is now active on all GameKeeper servers.

Now when you open your backpack, you’ll see two new buttons. The first cycles between “Gather: Off”, “Gather: All”, and “Gather: Existing”. This means anything you pick up can be automatically placed into your BackPack. Very useful when gathering wood and stone etc. “Existing” means only items or resources that you have already placed in your BackPack will be moved there automatically.

The second button does the opposite and allows resource to be taken directly from your BackPack when building for example. This button toggles between “Retrieve: Off” and “Retrieve: On”. Super useful when doing large builds because you won’t have to keep going back to your resource chest to top up on stone, HQM etc.

If you want to bind your BackPack to a key, then my suggestion is to bind it to the 7 key as the icon is in the same row as your hotbar. It makes sense to me anyway.

To bind a key, press F1 => Console, then type:-

bind 7

Close the console with F1 and you’re done.