Backpacks – Why we don’t have them

UPDATE: The Backpacks plugin is now stable and has been installed on all GameKeeper Rust servers as of 12th February 2021. Yaaay!

So there’s been a question that continually pops up in chat and discord. It’s always been far more common on the PvE server, however, we do get asked across the network. So I’ll clear a few things up and save us time answering the question time and time again.

It’s buggy, it’s as simple as that. Back in the original days of GameKeeper, we had the plugin running and at that time the backpack used a satchel charge model. More often than not, the satchel charge that was always stuck to your back even though it wasn’t lit, had a very unpredictable fuse and would blow you up. We couldn’t let it go on like that so had to remove the plugin. Then when we opened the PvE server and had lots of players asking for the plugin, we said “sure, it can’t hurt” so we gave it another go. It wasn’t using a satchel charge anymore and so the previous problem we had was no longer an issue. We were hopeful that the plugin would work fine. But no, we then got a lot more complaints telling us loot was going missing. Keys were no longer working with the lock it came from and the list went on. So yet again, we removed it and vowed never to have the plugin back on the servers until the other day when legleg really wanted to add it back. But I’ll show you the exact reason we put a stop to his desires.

Below is a number of links to the Backpacks uMod help page.

The first one, posted just three days ago. Click here. Items are still getting lost.

This second one just a week old. Click here. Backpacks flying off players backs. So items getting lost.

I’ll just post those two. Click here if you wish to look through the rest of the posts.

This is the final time I’m going to say it, backpacks aren’t coming back to GameKeeper servers unless they are added into the game by FacePunch.