Boost – Rust

How would you like to get 4 FREE supply signals every day on our Rust servers?  Yes?

Simply change your Steam name to include the EXACT phrase (this is case sensitive) and you’ll get access to the BOOST kit which includes 4 supply signals. To claim the kit once you’ve changed your name, then issue the chat command /kit boost or /kit (and select from the menu) on one of our Rust servers and you’ll be able to claim the BOOST kit.

For example, if your Steam name was Fred, then change it to Fred or Fred ( or Fred – As long as the exact phrase is in your Steam name, you’ll get access to the kit.

While you’re doing that (if you haven’t already) join the Steam Group too and you’ll get access to the STEAM kit which gives you another free supply signal every day, making that a total of FIVE supply signals every single day. Just like the BOOST kit, type /kit in chat on one of our Rust servers and claim your kit.

It’s easy and it won’t cost you a bean, but it still supports and for that, we’re very grateful.

Thank you.