Bugs – Long Term

Some Rust bugs are unfixable or unlikely to be fixed, especially when it comes to older plugins where we know that nothing will ever be done about it but that doesn’t mean the plugin doesn’t work.

I thought it would be a good idea to begin listing them here.

o PlayerChallenges

The PlayerChallenges plugin has NEVER to my knowledge managed to correctly report resources gathered and I believe this is because where other plugins modify the amount of (for example) mushrooms picked so you end up with more in your inventory (x5, x10 etc) then PlayerChallenges sees it as the original amount and counts them as one rather than ten. There used to be another plugin that we used called Quests that had exactly the same issue. So you’d be tasked with collecting 10 mushrooms but the Quests plugin would only register the one mushroom you picked rather than the x10 amount you’d gathered. In the case of PlayerChallenges, we currently use both Z-Levels and SkillTree which among other things modify the amount gathered. PlayerChallenges does NOT pick up this modified amount.


More long term unfixable bugs to follow as we find them.