Build Server

The Build server is private and is for donators only. A simple $10 donation gives you lifetime VIP+ status across ALL of our Rust servers, not just the Build server. If you like what we've done here, then please donate more. $20 gets you VIP++ and $30 gets you VIP+++ across all our Rust servers. You can upgrade to higher rank levels by making up the difference at a later date, just ask an admin or mod for details.

The Build server gives players the tools and freedom to experiment with building and all other elements of the game. We've tried to ensure you can do all this in peace.

The server comes with many features to enhance your experience, some of these are;

o The ability to fly around (Noclip).
o All blueprints learned.
o Remover tool.
o Spawn any items in with the F1 Spawn menu.
o Buildings are protected against everyone other than yourself.
o Teleportation abilities.
o Spawn in any animal or entity.
o PvP zones for test raids and combat.
o Upgrade and downgrade an entire building with one command.
o Access to the BGrade command.
o Copy your base and download it for use on any other server or in Fortify.

Useful Commands

F1 - Items ~ Press F1 and go to items to spawn in any item.

Resource commands /wood /stone /metalfrags /hqm /fuel /cloth /leather ~ These will give you 500k stacks of the resource.

/remove ~ Remove any self placed building block or entities.

/bgrade 1-4 ~ Automatically have a placed build block upgrade to the chosen build grade. /bgrade 1 - Wood, /bgrade 2 - Stone, and so on.

/up /down (1-4) ~ Upgrade or downgrade an entire building with the respective command and tier.

/copy "name" ~ Once you are finished building, you may copy your base and download the file. More information below.

/god ~ Toggles godmode on/off.

/grt ~ Grid Reference Teleport - you can use this command to teleport to any grid reference on your map. For example /grt m8 will teleport you to the map square M8.

/tpr ~ Request a teleport to anyone on the map /tpa will accept the teleport request.

/home add "name" ~ Save a home point that you can teleport back to. /home "name" to teleport to your home.

/pm name ~ Private Message anyone with that chat command.

/rt radius 50 ~ Repair all entities within a 50 meter radius.

/skinbox ~ Use the skinbox to reskin any skinnable item in the game.

/code ~ Use the command to find all possibilities for Auto Codelock. (Auto locking of doors, boxes, cupboards, lockers etc.)

/cost ~ Find out how much of which resource you need to build your structure.

/warp list ~ Get a list of all the available warps.

/PvP ~ Warp straight to the PvP test zone.

Useful Keybinds

Enter these into your in-game console. (F1)

bind g"chat.say /god" ~ Enable and disable godmode.

bind i noclip ~ Turn noclip on and off.

bind x "chat.say /remove" ~ Toggle the remover tool on and off.

bind x entkill ~ A better alternative to /remove, look at the entity you wish to remove and press your keybind.

bind home "chat.say /info" ~ Bring up the servers information screen.

There are plenty more, all you need to do is bind (Letter) "chat.say /command" to bind a chat command to a key.
You can also bind a in-game console command to any key with bind (Letter) Command.
Use these if you come up with any other cool keybinds.

Now, like the other networks and servers out there; we also have rules. We ask kindly that you follow these rules. We've not just plucked them out from thin air, they're there for a reason. We want all our players to have fun and get the most out of their time on the GameKeeper servers. That's the reason the rules are there.

You'll be able to find the general rules for GameKeeper here and the rust specific rules here.

But for everything to remain fun on the Build server, we have some server specific rules we'd like you to familiarize yourself with.

o No using those 500k stacks to craft 50k rocks. You wouldn't have thought it but crafting can make the server lag, then once those rocks start spilling from your inventory you can count on chat being filled with "LAGGGGGGG!" Help us help you, let's keep the server lag free. Well... as much as we can anyway.

o Again, another one about lag. Airdrops, you've got every item at your disposal. What could you possibly need from an airdrop that you can't spawn? The answer is nothing. So let's not go around throwing loads of supply signals just because you want to see loads of planes in the sky. Once it makes the server lag, we need to restart the server, it's inconvenient for everyone, us included. We really have better things to be doing other than worrying about silly things. I mean it, don't do it. It says it here and on the server in a few places. You've been warned here and there. Next step is a ban.

o Please don't run around spamming explosives on the floor or on the side of another players building. (No, that doesn't mean the roof's fine) It means don't do it.

o Also try to refrain from shooting at other players while they're trying to build their base. There's a time and a place for it, /PvP for the PvP zone. Some players will want to record their buildings if they make youtube videos for example. The last thing they need is you making loads of noise around them. Kick back and enjoy the peace and quiet. /PvP is currently unavailable.

o We want the servers to be fun and enjoyable. Don't do anything to hinder a players experience... In not so many words, don't be a twat.

Copying Your Base For Download

Some server owners might call us crazy for allowing this. But it's helpful and unique.

We allow you to use the /copy command to save your base. This can be useful if you want to use your base on another server (an admin would have to paste it in) which some servers won't do.

So here's the rundown on how to copy your base and access the save file. This can all be found below in video form too.

You'll want to get close to your base and enter the chat command /copy. You will have to give it a name like this /copy fredsbase01. We want you to copy the base with your steam name and base name as it's easier for you to then find it later, it will also help us identify the owner if we want to. So I would type /copy zilchshack01.

The next step is to enter into your browser web address bar
After the /build/ part you want to enter the name that you saved your base under, that needs to be followed by .json as that's the file type.
So I would enter and then press enter.
**These files get copied over from the server to the website on the hour. So if you copy your base at 11:13am, you'll have to wait until 12pm before your base gets moved. If you have given it until the next hour and your file isn't showing up (make sure you've got the right name) you can let an admin know and we'll sort it.

The webpage that will display if you've entered the correct name will have all the code per building block for your base. The next step is to use CTRL + S to save the webpage. Then choose a name and select the save file type as .json. JSON is the recognised file format for the game to load a base.

Once you have the .json file save at your prefered location on your PC you can either put it onto Fortify if you have it or ask us, or the admin from the server you play on if they would paste the base in for you. They might say no. But if you don't ask, you don't get.
If it's Fortify you wish to view your base in, the file location will usually be - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FORTIFY\Fortify_Data\Saves or where ever it is your game is installed.