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Better Signs Management

There’s a new plugin installed on all servers that manages your signs for you. You can now store up to 25 signs (I’ve asked the dev for more) for use on any frames. When you finish with a picture it’s automatically saved for you in your personal library. (And don’t forget the Sign Artist command /sil to place URLs to images into signs.)

If you want to open the UI at any time, position yourself near to the frame you want to edit and type /sm in chat. There you can Set (apply) one of your library images to the frame you’re looking at.

The images survive server wipes so you can use them on the next map. The only limitation at the moment is the number of images, hopefully the dev will see my request and add some pages so more can be stored.

That video above is a portion of an art gallery created on the PvE server by “The itsy-bitsy” that I copy pasted to another location, so no damage to the original that I personally think is totally brilliant.

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Crafting MORE Things

Effective immediately, when using a Workbench there are some new options available. Now you can craft lots of normally uncraftable items. At the moment they’re difficult to get items and are mainly decorations. I’m thinking hard of what else could be added and if you have any suggestions, please let me know in Discord in the #suggestions channel.

When you open a Workbench, you’ll see that over on the right there’s a new Blueprints menu. Running along the top are 7 icons that in order represent “All Items,” “Beach Items,” “Seasonal Items,” “Attire,” “Electrical Items,” and finally “Miscellaneous Items.”

Software plugins to do this kind of thing are paid for when people make donations. All donations go straight back into the servers, so you know, go right ahead and go get something from the donation store like a 42 slot backpack, the ability to bulk craft (AKA instacraft), or automatically have your items repaired when they break. These things help you and they help the servers keep running.

Here’s 3 screen grabs so you know what to expect from this new plugin. As I said I’ll add more items when I’ve had a good think about it as I want gameplay to be balanced as much as possible. Have fun!


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Exchange Scrap for Reward Points (RP)

I’ve just added another plugin and this one lets you exchange scrap for RP. The exchange rate is 10 scrap gives you 1 RP. It’s accessible via any NPC vending machine and you’ll find a section at the top that says “SCRAP EXCHANGE.”


You can type a value directly into the box and then use the arrow keys to increase or reduce it. If you put 99 scrap into the exchange you won’t actually get 9.9 RP, you’ll just get 9. I experimented a bit with it to see if you get the 0.9 in the background, but no you just lose it, so don’t do that.


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Rewards System Updated

New command /rr which opens a desktop GUI. From there you can see the RP you can earn from harvesting, killing etc. You can also set a banner or icon notification to show you how much RP you earn for each action, e.g. killing a boar, chopping down a tree, or gathering hemp etc, I have mine set to “icon” and it appears for less than a second so it’s not too distracting. Or you can turn it off.

I know it’s taken a while to get my attention, and I apologise for the delay, but at last the Reward Points (RP) system has been updated. It took me 4 hours to carefully transfer the old values to the new system. What a PITA but it’s much better now

You may find a few of the values are slightly different, and it’s a work in progress. If you spot anything a little strange, please let me know in Discord and I’ll take a look.

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TP and Home Limits

Effective immediately (I just made the change) home limits for vip+++ ranks have been increased from 12 to 20. Also the number of teleports of any kind have been increased from 99 per day to 199 per day. All other ranks remain unchanged

This should make it more convenient for those players who spend a lot of time on the servers and do a lot of teleporting around. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Halloween Minigame

You will have noticed the Halloween mini-game starting every so often. It's worth playing.

Collect candies as they appear in front of you and earn goodie bags. These can be upgraded to produce better and better items.

To make it easier and more competitive, I've added the Scarecrow Wrap and the Pumpkin Bucket to the Rewards Store (/s) at a cost of 1 RP each.

Wear the Scarecrow Wrap and you will see more candies appear at a faster rate. Hold the Pumpkin Bucket in front of you and hold down the Left Mouse Button (LMB) as you run around to pick up candies instantly, there's no delay at all.

I'm fairly sure most people don't know you can do this as I have yet to see anyone other than myself in the #1 slot. My all time record is 104 candies. Beat that.



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Rust Wipe 2nd September

These are links to all the maps that will be used for the 2nd September wipe. Note that the main PvP server (Clans) has now been increased back to x4000. This month’s FacePunch map algorithm change seems to be to have greatly reduced the number of underwater labs to about 3 per map.

GK PvE (x4000)

GK PvP Clans (x4000)

GK Solo (x3500)

Duo (x3500)

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Personal Minicopter for VIP+

As of today, there is now a personal minicopter available for all VIP+ ranks and above.

You can summon or despawn your minicopter with the following commands:-

/mymini — Spawn a mini copter
/nomini — Despawn mini copter
/wmini — Find mini copter
/gmini — Get/summon mini copter

I’m not yet sure what will happen if someone flies off with your minicopter and you despawn it or summon it to you. It probably means a fall for the pilot. ๐Ÿ˜‰

There is a 60 second cooldown to prevent spamming.

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Clan EZ Banned

After several complaints and some players saying they wouldn’t play on the Clans server while EZ (an Italian clan) were on, I took a look and found the complaints to be reasoned and reasonable. EZ (Awsaf and Master) had suddenly gone from “shit” to “they always seem to know where we are and can get constant headshots” as one player put it. That kind of improvement doesn’t happen naturally over night.

Next up they seemed to know exactly where the loot in bases was stored and raided the same huge honeycombed base three times and each time went directly to the loot (in different places), ignoring the rest of the base. An obvious use of an ESP cheat. It’s sad that some people will do anything to appear good at something they’re actually very poor at, instead of acknowledging their failings.

But for me the clincher was when I checked Awsaf’s list of homes. He didn’t have any. In fact when I looked closely at all the entities on the server, he didn’t have ANYTHING.

Awsaf knew the game was up. He’d killed himself (and renamed himself to [EZ] 1010001110 01001110) and had NOTHING on the server. No homes, no buildings, no stashes, not a thing. You can’t go raiding when you don’t have any explosives to do it. Master didn’t have much either, even in the small stashes he’d squirrelled away – there just wasn’t enough to do a decent raid with (11 C4, no rockets). I could see which boxes Awsaf had been into, which TCs he’d authorised on, and he wasn’t the owner of any of them.

I’ve “sticky” banned the EZ clan with RustAdmin for using ESP – it will follow them around from server to server, and other admins will ban them from their servers too.

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Next wipe is HDRP


It’s great.

Thursday 6th May when the servers wipe and Rust updates, there’s a nice surprise waiting for you. FacePunch have introduced HDRP to Rust and many of their monuments and other prefabs have had a shiny new high resolution update.

HDRP stands for High Definition Render Pipeline and is a Unity thing. It’s supposed to enable higher resolution models (prefabs) in game with almost no hit to frame rates. Oo-er. I’m thinking that newer GPUs will benefit but I’m a bit concerned my 4GB RAM GTX 970 might have some problems.

We won’t know until we try. It’s exciting, and if it works the way it’s supposed to, it will be fantastic.

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