Server Updates

Rust Wipe 2nd September

These are links to all the maps that will be used for the 2nd September wipe. Note that the main PvP server (Clans) has now been increased back to x4000. This month’s FacePunch map algorithm change seems to be to have greatly reduced the number of underwater labs to about 3 per map.

GK PvE (x4000)

GK PvP Clans (x4000)

GK Solo (x3500)

Duo (x3500)

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Personal Minicopter for VIP+

As of today, there is now a personal minicopter available for all VIP+ ranks and above.

You can summon or despawn your minicopter with the following commands:-

/mymini — Spawn a mini copter
/nomini — Despawn mini copter
/wmini — Find mini copter
/gmini — Get/summon mini copter

I’m not yet sure what will happen if someone flies off with your minicopter and you despawn it or summon it to you. It probably means a fall for the pilot. πŸ˜‰

There is a 60 second cooldown to prevent spamming.

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Next wipe is HDRP


It’s great.

Thursday 6th May when the servers wipe and Rust updates, there’s a nice surprise waiting for you. FacePunch have introduced HDRP to Rust and many of their monuments and other prefabs have had a shiny new high resolution update.

HDRP stands for High Definition Render Pipeline and is a Unity thing. It’s supposed to enable higher resolution models (prefabs) in game with almost no hit to frame rates. Oo-er. I’m thinking that newer GPUs will benefit but I’m a bit concerned my 4GB RAM GTX 970 might have some problems.

We won’t know until we try. It’s exciting, and if it works the way it’s supposed to, it will be fantastic.

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Codelocked Hackable Crates now open faster – QoL

I thought I’d already done this, but maybe I’d just tested it without applying it to the servers. Anyway…

Codelocked Hackable Crates now open in 7m30s, or should do anyway. The one I tested did.

If you find one that’s not opening at that speed, please let me know.

(hackablelockedcrate.requiredhackseconds 450)

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Kits Updated on PvE and PvP – QoL

After two days of work, kits have all been updated on all the Rust servers as well as the kits plugin. To celebrate this, I reset the player data so that even if you’ve claimed all your kits, you get them all back again for this last week. Yay!

If you do /kit in game you’ll see the shiny new interface. Click on a kit to view it fully before you redeem it.

You can also see the images and associated kits all updated on the PvE donation page and the PvP donation page.

Yeah it’s been a lot of work.

I deliberately held off doing anything with the new version of the plugin for about a month after release as it was in beta for a few weeks before full release while most problems were ironed out. Since then there have been lots of other issues with it, but it looks like 95% of them have either been fixed now because other admins have reported them, or the other niggles don’t affect us because we don’t use those features.

As soon as I saw the number of problems when it was first released I decided to avoid it until it was stable. I also decided not to update the website donation pages until I knew this was all sorted. The PvE kits have been overwritten at some point (god knows when) by the PvP kits, and while the job was on the list, I’ve just been putting it off and concentrating on other stuff until this new Kits plugin was all good. All now fixed and the PvE skins are as they should be.

The next big job for me to do is to set up the new store donation page(s). We’re going to a monthly donation model soon, but you can still get lifetime access on the donate page if you’re quick. (Yes IΒ  know that it was supposed to be live already on April 1st. That was an unintended April Fool’s Day joke.)

I haven’t finished work on the kits yet, treat this as phase one. Phase two will be adding and removing stuff from the kits, and possibly adding in some fun stuff too.

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Additional RP for playtime

As of a few days ago, all the servers were updated to issue everyone 1rp for every minute played on the server.

This is in addition to RP already earned for various activities such as gathering, crafting, killing, etc. This RP is awarded for every 15 complete minutes on the server, ie 15rp per 15 minutes play time.

In addition, vip ranks get a boost in the form of a multiplier depending on vip rank. This multiplier is for both the activities mentioned above, plus time spent on the server.

free vip ~ x 1.2 RP boost
vip+ ~ x 1.4 RP boost
vip++ ~ x 1.6 RP boost
vip+++ ~ x 1.8 RP boost


You can donate for any of the + ranks here.

You can also now buy the callheli command in the ServerRewards store (/s) for 5000rp.

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Refer new players for Reward Points

You can now refer players ingame and receive 1000rp (/s Reward Points) for doing so. Even better, the player you refer will also get some RP – 500rp for them.

You can spend your RP in the Rewards Store (/s).

You can refer as many players as you like but you can only get the reward for a newly referred player once.

How it works. You (PlayerA) invite another Rust player (PlayerB) to one of the servers. For the reward to be issued PlayerB simply has to type ‘/refer PlayerA’. That’s it, you (PlayerA) get 1000rp and PlayerB gets 500rp. Once PlayerB has registered their referral they can never do this again, however they can invite as many other players as they want and get these new players to /refer them for 1000rp for each one.

Hint. If you are already playing on a server with a friend, you can both earn some RP simply by one of you doing ‘/refer player’ – this is completely okay as far as I’m concerned.

Have fun with your new Reward Points.

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PvE Quarries now protected – QoL

Following on from this post, which was *supposed* to protect quarries from being opened and turned on and off by other players, but didn’t seem to do so… hopefully that’s now fixed.

The plugin that handles quarry levels now has the ability to protect quarries in the way mentioned above. I’m trying to find out if it support friends/teams/clans. I think it probably does as two of the config options say:-

  • PreventUnauthorizedToggling – When enabled, only authorized players can toggle quarries/pumpjacks
  • PreventUnauthorizedLooting – When enabled, only authorized players can access the quarry/pumpjack.

Hopefully the dev will confirm this soon.

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RP Reward for Raidable Bases – QoL

There is now an RP (RewardPoints) reward for completing a RaidableBase.

I’ve set them a little high to begin with (I think so, maybe not), so expect these to be reduced especially if I enable the purchase of a RaidableBase event. Make hay while the sun shines.

PvE: Easy – 200; Medium – 500; Hard – 1000; Expert – 2000; Nightmare – 5000.
PvP: Easy – 100; Medium – 250; Hard – 500; Expert – 1000; Nightmare – 2500.

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Wipe Every 2-3 Weeks

In line with this post all PvP servers will be wiped tomorrow 15th April (at approximately 7.00pm) and replaced with x3500 maps.

PvE will not wipe or change for the time being, but after next forced wipe on the 6th May, I’ll be revisiting that.

Please don’t complain to me that you “didn’t know.” I post plenty of information on here and the #announce channel in Discord gets automatically updated with any posts that appear here.

In case you didn’t read that post, go read it now. I’ve changed my mind about a couple of things. PvE won’t be wiped every 2 weeks, but all the PvP servers will be and their map size reduced to x3500 instead of x4000 – it seems that on maps smaller than x3500 the Launch Site doesn’t spawn. You probably won’t notice the difference of the slightly reduced size maps.

But watch this space as I’m hoping to be able to learn how to add custom monuments to maps shortly. If all goes well and it isn’t too unwieldy a process expect to see smaller maps appearing. I think it’s important that every server has the Launch Site (Bradley APC) and the Military Tunnels (elite loot), as well as Outpost and Base Camp.

Why am I making these changes? Two reasons.

#1 – Because there’s limited server hardware capacity and I’d like to introduce a BIG static map for PvE, either 5000 or the max 6000.

#2 – There’s currently a limited number of players and so I feel that x4000 maps aren’t necessary.

As the Summer approaches I hope to attract more players (and hopefully more donations), and I’ll change my tack on these reasons as hopefully #2 won’t exist any more.

If there are more donations then I’ll consider getting more hardware and making all the maps much bigger. You may not remember (or have been here for) the heady days of 3-4 years ago, but there were actually 2 dedis in operation and I was hoping to get some MineCraft stuff going. Blimey. πŸ˜‰

As I’ve always said, I don’t make any money at this hobby, every penny that comes in goes into server hosting hardware or software for the game servers. I am often short of cash each month and I then have to pay for things out of my own pocket.

But hey! Things change. Onwards and upwards eh?

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