Server Updates

Offline Raid Protection

Effective immediately, Offline Raid Protection has now been added to Solo and Duo. To protect your base while offline, add scrap to the Tool Cupboard. Before then you will see that you have no protection in the Tool Cupboard GUI.

There is a 10 minute delay (600 seconds) after you go offline before the 100% protection kicks in. Scrap is drawn from the Tool Cupboard as required and you can see your level of protection by typing /protection while near your Tool Cupboard.

In the example above you can see that in a small building of just 13 building blocks, it costs 103 scrap per hour. So it’s quite expensive but I think that’s the way it should be.

EDIT: After feedback, it turns out that it wasn’t that expensive after all, so the 90 base cost per hour has been increased to 400. Also apparently the default 90 base cost that came with the plugin was for vanilla-like servers, and all the GameKeeper PvP servers are x10 gather PLUS Zlevel increases as you rank up, so 400 isn’t so expensive as it seems.

When the scrap runs out, your base is no longer protected. This should stop all the offlining, but I expect to see some whining from some players, and we’ll all find out who the offliners are.

If this is successful I’ll add it to the Clans server too. EDIT: Done. Now active on Clans.

Please note that you are NOT protected from the effects of the AutoPurge plugin. With current settings if you don’t connect within 5 days your base will be purged. (I’m still hoping the AutoPurge plugin dev will take up my suggestion of removing resources from the Tool Cupboard rather than purge the base immediately so that an abandoned base will decay away using the regular Rust method.) I have also put in a request on CodeFling for a dev to create such a plugin.

I fully expect that plenty of players won’t read the Welcome Message that states that Offline Raid Protection is active and so will still be raidable.

That’s life. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Rust Red Text Errors

If you get red text errors in Rust when you start it up, or at any other time, this is the fix. It started happpening to me with a new PC build and a new Rust install and was driving me mad.

F1 -> Console and then enter:-

console.erroroverlay false

That is all.

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OneGrid is no more

Because the OneGrid server was getting hardly any interest from players despite the very cool custom maps that were being used in a 4-week cycle, it’s now been taken offline, probably permanently. The resources it was using on the server hardware will now be available to the other servers.

The Rust Servers page has been updated to reflect this.

That is all.

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NPC Raiders

There’s a new command in town and it’s called /raidme.

What this does is set a bunch of NPCs attacking your base. They will raid it in several waves with C4 and satchel explosives until they destroy your Tool Cupboard, or get killed by you in the process. So if you kill the first wave, then after a few seconds another wave will start the next attack where the other raiders left off. Because they’re bots, they know where your TC is and will head straight for it.

You have to buy the raids using scrap (for now), but this may change to support RP at some point. You can call in one raid every hour, and just like Raidable Bases there’re five different levels of raiders – easy, medium, hard, expert, and nightmare. You start a raid by doing:-

/raidme buy easy

and scrap will be consumed from your inventory. You can also just do:-

/raidme buy

to see how much each difficulty level costs. It’s cheap for now, but the costs will go up when I get the chance to sit down and review the settings.

I first tried it on easy by myself in a small stone and wood base and the raid was over in less than 30 seconds. Remember – they know where your TC is.

I see this as particularly useful on PvE, but there’s also a usage case on PvP too where you’ve built a base and want to test it out before you go offline. In both cases, it’s good fun. 😉

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Please Help – introducing voting

I’ve decided to introduce voting for the servers on some of the Rust server sites. I’ve always been against this as waste of time with no good reason for that other than gut feel, but what the hell I’m going to give it a go. Maybe it will bring a few more players in, which is what other players have said to me that they want. Who knows?

What I need help with is the kind of rewards I can give to you as a thank you for voting. This is what I and Anonium have come up with so far (mostly Anonium).

  • Kits
  • Commands
  • Reward Points (RP)
  • /mymini command or similar
  • RP gain rate increase for 24 hours
  • Gather rate increase for 24 hours

How it works is on each of the server sites you log in via Steam each day (it takes seconds) and vote for the GameKeeper server you’re playing on. Back on the server you type /claim and get your rewards which could be one or all of the above. Better than that, the *more* you vote, the better the rewards become, so for example one single vote might get you 50RP, but after a few days of voting on three different voting sites and you may be up to 500RP per day (or more) and any kits etc. that are included just for a few seconds out of your day.

What I need help with is the kind of rewards and a rewards scale. If I do it myself or with Anonium’s help then it’s likely we’ll miss something that could be really good. So put your thinking caps on and come up with a set of rewards (and maybe a scale with more voting too) and post it in Discord #suggestions.

Thanks. 🙂

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Quarries and Pumpjacks Cost

Effective immediately, quarries and Pumpjacks have been reduced in cost in the /s store from 2,500 RP down to 1,000 RP. You can also find them in hackable crates, but they’re a quite rare find.

You can exchange 10 scrap for 1 RP at any vending machine.

That is all.

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Big Update to Rust Pipes

There’s been a fairly big update to our Pipes plugin which includes a number of fixes and enhancements, with the most notable for me being the Recyclers support. Now a pipe will put content into the top of the Recycler and another pipe will take it from the bottom. Wow!

Placeable Recyclers are obtainable by crafting (/craftrec command) if you’re at least a VIP+, or you can find them in some loot, I think either in airdrops or in hackable crates. One or both of those. Anyway…

This means you can place a Recycler in your base with a pipe or series of pipes running from a box outside an outer wall or High Stone Wall as a feed into the Recycler, using the pipes AutoStart feature. Then, tucked in your base you can have a series of pipes set with filters to extract the items from your Recycler and sorted into the relevant boxes in your loot rooms. Which means… while you’re out and about hitting barrels etc, you can just run up to your base, drop the items to be recycled into your box outside and go looking for more. When you get back, it’s all been recycled and sorted.

Maybe it’s just me, but I geek over this sort of thing. 🙄

In case you’re new to pipes, you just do /p in chat, select your wooden hammer, hit your first container then run to your second container and hit that too. Now a pipe will appear that will move items placed in the first container to the second container. If you hit the pipe with your wooden hammer a UI will open where you can set filters, upgrade the pipe (if you’re a VIP), set autostart if you’re moving things into a machine, and change flow direction. And some other stuff. It’s fairly intuitive.

You can create pipes in between most containers, and that includes quarries, pumpjacks, furnaces, etc. And now with Recycler support too.

Finally, here’s a list of additional pipes commands:-

  • /p as mentioned above to add a pipe between two containers with your wooden hammer
  • /p r – Remove pipes by hitting then with a wooden hammer
  • /p c – Copy the settings and filters from one pipe by hitting it with a wooden hammer and then hit other pipes to apply these settings to it.
  • /p n  – Set a name to a container or pipe. This is useful if you have pipes running between two identical containers and you want to tell them apart. Or when you have long pipes and want to know what they are for.
  • /p s – Get information on how many pipes you have and how many are running
  • /p h – Bring up the in game help

Have fun!

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No Decay for Vehicles near Tool Cupboard

Someone questioned vehicles decaying, specifically Minicopters and Scrap Helicopters – I can’t find the question now, so maybe it happened in-game and not Discord. I *thought* vehicles didn’t decay when under cover of a building but I might have been wrong about that, OR it’s another bit of FacePunch weirdness after this last couple of updates. I don’t know. Anyway…

I’ve now added a plugin that removes decay from all vehicles (including Skidoos and similar) as long as they’re within Tool Cupboard range. That should solve that problem but note they’ll still decay while out in the wild or if they get knocked about a bit, so have a wooden hammer ready to give them a good bashing to repair them.

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New x3 PvE Server

Yesterday saw the firing up for the first time of the new PvE server, thanks to a massive donation from Aagares to get it all started. If not for that donation I think I would still be umming and ahhing about it, so thank you very much Aagares.

And thank you to all the other donators too. You’re all good guys and gals.

The map for this first wipe is an x3 gather and has an Egyptian theme, with some VERY interesting custom monuments, and while there aren’t any cave systems (that I’ve found), there are some pre-made locations marked with an x on the map that are various structures you can build inside. Remember the old caves from a few years ago? Yeah like that. I was also surprised to see that you can build in areas that I thought were part of a monument.

Anyway… details are on the Rust servers page. You can connect directly by clicking this Steam Connect link – steam://connect/ and you can see the map here –

Finally, the map:-

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Stacking Chests

You can now stack chests on top of each other up to a maximum of 3 in height. This goes hand in hand with the also new ability to upgrade your boxes and furnaces. This means you can now cram more chests in a smaller space, and make those chest bigger. I tested it and both plugins work nicely together.

Until one of them breaks in a Rust update… Ahem. 😉

In order to put chests on top of each other, you have to counterintuitively RIGHT CLICK while the chest is red, as it won’t go blue to place with a left click. Do that and it all works fine.

I wasn’t sure about getting this plugin as I’d seen reports of it being buggy, but it seems to be okay.

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