Server Updates

Easy to Upgrade Buildings

Everybody on all servers now has the ability to upgrade their bases with a single command. You don’t have the ability (yet) to downgrade, but I may add this at a later date with a 60 second cooldown to prevent upgrade-downgrade spam which may affect the servers. I’ll ban anyone abusing this.

It all plays nicely with raid and combat blocks, so there’s no upgrading your building while being raided.

It’s easy to upgrade, just make sure you have the relevant building materials in your inventory then look at a building entity (wall, floor, etc) and type one of the following example commands:-

/up ~ upgrades ALL your building entities by one level. Wood upgrades to stone, metal upgrades to HQM.

/up metal or /up 3 ~ upgrades ALL your entities whatever the current grade is to metal.

You can also limit what entities are upgraded if you don’t want all of them upgraded by adding a filter:-

/up 4 foundation ~ this will make only your foundations upgrade to HQM (armoured).

The grades are:-

Twigs or 0
Wood or 1
Stone or 2
Metal or 3
TopTier or 4

The filters are:-


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Resource Mining (QoL)

Another QoL (Quality of Life) change. You can now mine resources from lots of previously un-mineable containers. To discover them all, you’re just going to have to hit things with an axe or pickaxe and see what you get. πŸ˜‰

Here’s a bit of a starter though. You can now mine:-

o Rocks and cliff faces for stone and sometimes metal.

o Small powerline poles along roads for wood.

o Electrical boxes along the road for metal.

o Some other things. πŸ™‚

Your Zlevels will increase (nice), but the amount of items from these “extra” containers won’t – you always get the same amount. Incredibly useful though if you’re running low on resources around you. At each sunrise, the containers you’ve mined (completely dry or not) will be partially refilled.

This won’t make a massive change to the game other than you can now mine for stone deep down in the caves.

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Always a Full Moon (QoL)

I forgot to mention this the other day, but if you let it go to night time and don’t /voteday, it’s now always a full moon. So it’s never completely pitch black dark any more.

Also, night time now only last about 5 minutes real time, whereas day time lasts about 55 minutes.

With these changes I’m considering removing the /voteday plugin, at least from PvE and making the entire night part of the cycle a “Happy Hour” where everything earns you extra RP.

Watch this space.

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Pretty New Info Panel

You may or may not have noticed, but all servers now have a prettier Info Panel at the bottom of the screen underneath your hotbar. All the same info is there, but in a better format.

These panels are incredibly hard to create and position correctly – it’s a black art – and I didn’t create this, some kind soul on a forum decided to share it with everybody. All I’ve done is tweak it slightly to add the RewardPoints (RP) panel top right of the screen.

Please don’t ask me to move anything because every time I do, it messes everything up. It is what it is. And it’s staying.

UPDATE 5th April 2021 – I’ve managed to change the background colour so that each panel is now transparent apart from the content, no more grey borders. I’ve also replaced the RP icon top right with something *slightly* better, but I’m more satisfied with it. And finally, I’ve also managed (it’s REALLY hard to do these things) to move the “You are playing…” text back down into the bottom right corner. So I’m quite pleased with the layout now and how it all looks. On that last one, I’ve moved the text back into the bottom right corner because the location it was occupying (centre bottom above the toolbar) is going to have something else there instead.

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Quarries and Pumpjacks can now be Upgraded (QoL)

You can now upgrade your quarries and pumpjacks with other quarries and pumpjacks.

When accessing the fuel storage on quarries and pumpjacks, you’ll now see a small “Upgrade” button.

When you click it you’ll see this:-

You can see in this case that IF YOU HAVE ANOTHER QUARRY in your inventory, you can upgrade this existing quarry to the next level up. The other quarry in your inventory will be consumed and added to the existing one.

There are 5 level upgrades. As you level up your quarry, new mineral resources are also added. So you may start with just a stone quarry, but end up with a quarry producing all minerals. A level 2 quarry will produce the same amount as 2 level 1 quarries. Same for pumpjacks. Every quarry level will also unlock the next tier of production. Level 3 will unlock metal, level 4 sulfur and level 5 HQM if your quarry doesn’t already have these.

I’ve asked the developer if he’ll also add non-standard output such as wood and he’s looking into it.

The benefit of this is the production increases for each level you go up, and you now don’t need quarries everywhere, you can just create one “uber” quarry.

You can purchase quarries and pumpjacks in the /s store, or find them (rarely) in hackable crates, or (slightly less rarely) in hackable crates on the cargoship.

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Switches now Lockable (QoL)

Here is the first of a series of Quality of Life (QoL) changes to all the servers.

You can now add a codelock to your switches and generators so that they can’t be turned on and off by unfriendlies. πŸ™‚

/el ~ Display enable/disable status with instructions
/el on ~ Enable locked switch/generator placement (switch with an associated lock)
/el off ~ Disable locked switch/generator placement (standard behavior without lock)

On first use, the player must enable it first via the chat command /el on.
This setting will remain ON until the player enters /el off.

Switches or generators are placed normally via the Rust user interface. Be sure to leave enough room below switches for the lock.

When the user attempts to pickup the lock, access will be denied. However, they can pickup the switch or generator as they would normally, and the lock will also be removed. A player cannot pickup or toggle a locked switch or generator.

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Raidable Bases Update

I’ve failed. My target was that RaidableBases would appear on all the servers tomorrow after wipe. It will now be more likely Monday 5th or Tuesday 6th April. It *might* take longer than that. Did I say it was a HUGE plugin? The video explaining it is a very wordy 45 minutes long where most plugin videos are under a minute.

The problem I have at the moment is I have a pretty big collection of bases that can be raided, but they all need work on them. For example the roof might need upgrading, the loot boxes have to be emptied, turrets neeed to be replaced (these are old base designs) and so on.

It’s not something I want to hand out to anyone else either – I think I need to do this myself as it’s the only way I’ll be satisfied. Once the first couple of bases are being auto spawned, then I think I’ll hand it out to anyone that’s interested in creating a base or editing one of the bases I have. I will certainly try to add a new base every few days.

One of the things I’ll probably be doing with the RaidableBases (RB) is preventing ladder use. RB will create a “no-ladder” zone around the bases it spawns. This will make the bases more of a challenge, and you may need 2 people to raid them. I may also prevent the use of minicopters around them, I haven’t decided.

So… Another few days to wait I’m afraid. We’ll get there.

In the meantime, I have some simpler and faster changes I’m going to make which should make the servers more interesting.

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RP Changes for Supply Drops

Effective immediately and for a while at least (this may change without warning), when you loot a supply drop you’ll earn 30 RP (Reward Points) instead of 5. This is to incentivise competing over the supply drops as I’ve noticed that fewer players are going for them. With that in mind here’s some extra info that supply drop loot is in the process of being upgraded after it changed following the change of loot methods from FancyDrop loot to AlphaLoot for everything. Watch this space.

The intention is to make many more items available in the /s Rewards Store (e.g. all 3 card keys are in there now), and here’s a reminder that RP is also being carried over between wipes, so anything you earn will be there in your RP account until you’ve spent it. You can see how much you have at any time by doing /s in chat.

RP is earned for all sorts of activity such as mining ore (nodes), shooting animals, gathering, etc. The more you collect, the more you’ll have to spend in the store. I’m even considering a trading rate for scrap to convert it into RP (maybe 10 scrap to 1RP, to be confirmed). If I implement this it means that before wipe you’ll be able to convert everything to scrap and then convert it to RP which will carry over into the next wipe cycle.

All of this is always subject to change as we try to keep things balanced while making it fun for people who know all the little wrinkles of the GameKeeper servers.

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PvE Quarries Now Auto Protected

I’ve removed the QuarryLocks plugin on PvE as it was a bit clunky and was missing features I wanted such as being able to prevent players stopping and starting other players quarries.

A new plugin has just been released which is much better. All your quarries and pumpjacks are automatically protected from other players removing the contents, and they can’t start and stop your quarries either. Yay!

There’s a chat command too.

/quarryteam – Enables a players team to access their quarry that the player has placed.

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Heli Crashes Fixed

So it turns out there were a LOT of helicopters crashing all of their own accord. Which means free loot after killing the defending scientists, and I hate that. Only kidding. πŸ˜‰

But, I have fixed that problem now. After a lot of head scratching and experimentation I worked out what was going on and I’ve made changes which so far look like far fewer helis in general. It was all down to 3 plugins interacting with each other and causing the generation of a lot of helis, and one of the plugins was then bringing them down ALWAYS between 5 and 10 minutes. I suspect config options being added when a plugin gets updated which are on by default, but I’ll never know, I could just be incompetent. (I’m not.)

So, HeliControl was spawning a heli (now disabled), vanilla was spawning a heli (now disabled via AutomatedEvents – I think), and Automated Events (the preferred plugin) was spawning one too – I’ve set AutomatedEvents so that 2 players are required to be online before a heli spawns now – not sure if this is working or not yet. Time will tell.

On top of this, PilotEject was randomly ejecting pilots from ALL helis between 5 and 10 minutes of them spawning (now disabled). PilotEject is now set to spawn an eject heli every 90-180 minutes but only if 2 players are online.

So 3 plugins and vanilla were all spawning helis which were aborting within 10 minutes.

There should now be fewer helis, and pilot ejecting should be rare. We’ll see. :wink: This is a pefect example of plugins interacting with each other and causing problems.

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