Change of IP once more

On the 26th or 27 of this month, the IP addresses and ports will be changing once again. What? Why? Because I've tried a week with TCAdmin and I'd forgotten how clunky and slow and generally awkward it is. (It's been taking over 30 minutes for servers to restart as opposed to the 5 or 6 minutes on a dedicated server.) The reason for moving to a game panel was to reduce costs due to a lack of donations not paying for the 5 servers I used to run. But thanks to Meteostorm (VERY generous!) and a couple of other guys donating, I'm moving back to a dedicated server again. Yay! This is good news for everybody.

I'm also changing how the VIP ranks are going to be handled from now on too. Since I started GameKeeper in 2016 anyone donating for a VIP rank (vip+ $10, vip++$20, vip+++$30) gained those ranks for life. Anyone who has already donated for those will continue to keep their rank. But from next wipe (4th March), ranks will only be for a month at a time  for NEW donators and at half the the current donation rate:-

vip+ $4.99 for one month

vip++ $9.99 for one month

vip+++ $14.99 for one month

There will also be lifetime perks you can donate for such as backpacks which will be a one-time donation. Yes, I'm giving backpacks a 4th chance as it's supposed to be stable now.

If you're currently not a donator, or you have vip+ or vip++, now is the time to donate and upgrade yourself to vip+++.

Finally, I will be introducing MVP ranks. I haven't decided yet how these will work, but I currently only allocate mvp to donators who have gone the extra mile and donated at least $60. If you have any suggestions about this, please let me know before I make a decision.