Changes to Level Up and Crafting

I've made the first of many changes coming to the servers by increasing the number of level ups from 25 to 100 and decreased the amount of XP loss when you die from 50% to 10%. This means it will take slightly longer to achieve maximum rank on anything, but if you die, you don't lose massive amounts of the ranks that you've worked for. The suggestion was made by Meteostorm and I think this is a good change for everybody as it rewards players who stay on the servers for longer and doesn't punish them as harshly on death.

As a reminder we use four of the levelling up methods:-

Mining - Gathering all types of ore
Woodcutting - Chopping wood, cactus
Skinning - Gathering animal products
Aquire - Collecting wood, mineral drops, plants

You'll notice that Crafting isn't included in the level up system purely because it doesn't work with any other plugins that modify crafting. (It used to, but it doesn't any more.) I've always used another crafting plugin to slow down the production of C4, explosive bullets etc so that new players to the server don't get immediately raided off the server by players who have been on there a while and driven away. On modded servers like GameKeeper it's extremely easy to get resources like sulfur once you find a sulfur spot and place a quarry on it, so I had to come up with some method of restricting explosive production.

As a side-effect the crafting for simple items such as a Tool Cupboard can be reduced from 60 seconds to 3. I was considering making everything else instacraft as I know that's what many players like but I'm a bit torn as I feel it makes the game a little bit boring to have everything handed to you on a plate. Currently most things only take a second or two as I've set the crafting speeds to 5% of vanilla, which means the longest duration of crafting (e.g. high towers) drops from 180 seconds to only 9.