Changes to PvE

Changes to PvE effective immediately are:-

  • Autoturrets are now mainly for decoration (they will also still shoot at NPCs) but they will not shoot at players. The exception is when raidable bases are spawned in at random. The turrets in raidable bases WILL shoot and kill players. On wipe day when the "purge" is active and the server flips to PvP mode, the turrets will then kill players too.
  • Codelocks can be placed on quarries and pumpjacks by looking at one and typing /ql in chat. They attach themselves to the motor, so you'll have to climb up to change code or remove them.
  • Codelocks can be placed on ovens and refineries as you would on any container.
  • /home add etc can now be used anywhere, not just on foundations. However, you still can't use /home in PvP zones and at monuments or building blocked locations. You can also set a home on Icebergs now where this wasn't possible before.

Coming soon, prevention of looting of players and backpacks etc.

These changes are more in line with the idea of a PvE server and to make it more difficult for the few players who like to grief others. Having said that, you should always make sure your base is securely locked and that players can't land on your roof and walk right in and auth themselves on an unprotected Tool Cupboard. At least use a codelock on your Tool Cupboards and ideally behind a locked door.