I suggest you all go to a new server. Admins are Fucked here.

Want proof? watch the video ill be posting on youtube on ***** channel within the next 48 hours. Not only this but i am not didicating my life for the next month or so going to every single forum on earth of existance to warn people about this server and what they do to people here. this is only the beginning. They want to abuse players like me and my friends have been abused, NOBODY will come here. PERIOD. This is only the beginning. Every waking moment will be to warn people of the people here. Take your money and ban you for things that arent even against any rules. PERIOD. The video will show a compilation of all his lazy, stupid shit he does, as well as the Cock sucker Zilch who was crying bc i put a tc outside someones base "boohoo grifing boohoo waaahhhh" lol what a fucking cunt. They both cater to the players who have been playing there longer, gives them free rockets and explosives to go raiding with, doesnt help a SINGLE person when in need. Lets everyone else be toxic and nasty with each other, while i was being kind as i possibly could. UNTIL it went too far. i started being toxic like the other cunts in the server were being, taunting the ppl raiding me. And i get banned? I got banned for "being salty, wasting admins time, and admin abuse". For saying that legleg gives players free shit to come and raid me, also telling them my location. as well as helping them with multiple other things. as soon as i said legleg was helping other players. BOOM i was banned. what a little cock sucking cunt bag mother fucker legleg is. WHAT A WASTE OF $30!!! i hope they buy a fuckin cheeseburger and choke on the fuckin thing. what a waste of scumbag life these admins are. My life will be ended soon because of suicide. I have cancer but i refuse to die of cancer so ill be doing myself in. And frankly if theres cunt like legleg, ESPECIALLY WHACKO JOBS like irishsmak and sixghost, then i dont want to be in this world. lol they sit there for hours saying "im sooo fucking good at this game, im the best. nobody compares to me. ill kill you all so easy, im the most stuck up cunt on the earth, im irishsmak." The fucking kid is like 45 years old around 400lbs with fire red hair. nasty looking fat pimply freckled fuck. really nasty lookin. no wonder why hes so fucking nasty to others, i wonder how he even has a partner? lol. Well like i said the next month or two of my life will be to warn mother fuckers about the admins and the type of people who play in this server. and to NEVER buy their shit-filled packs. its a waste of money. They made some really nice packs before, but then after everyone bought the packs they changed them and filled them with shit. THATS THE TYPE OF PEOPLE WERE DEALING WITH HERE. They wonder why im the only one thats been logged on for weeks....? They have MAXIMUM 4 people on at a time. my own partner left the server, and so did 3 other of my friends bc of the admins. They are complete waste of shit. Seriously Nasty cunts here. dont ever come to any of their servers. period.


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I dont know leg, he makes a point ;) but actually, this is fucking funny to watch. Bruh is this kid like 5...


We all wear world filters and have our own view of things, but some people are a bit messed up. We've been watching him on and off for a while and HemoManiac's behaviour has ticked all the boxes for a toxic, so is it any surprise - even to himself - that he eventually got himself banned?

Let's see that video. I REALLY want to see that video. I'm sure it will be damning, one way or the other.

Just to put things into perspective, HemoManiac posted the same rage-fuelled text above THREE times here on the forums, a good indicator of the mental state he was in. I've just closed one from public comment as no-one had bothered to reply to it, but you can see the other one and the comments that have been made here.


Also, it's worth knowing that HemoManiac has been banned from at least two other Rust servers in December 2018 and January 2019. This should speak volumes for the type of person he is. As I've been saying for a long time, "If you want someone to blame, go look in the mirror."

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Two weeks have gone by now, not just two days, and I'm still waiting for that video.

Might it be that this whole thing was just rage fuelled hatred producing gas and air?
i've seen hemo ingame a few times, playing side by side with him and talked with him on discord.

this guy is batshit crazy reason i deleted him everywhere, all day long he would cry about every little thing "everyone one is out to get me boo me"