Solved PVE Server: 2 Bugs

I get 2 weird issues when playing on the server:
1 - I cannot craft a hammer. I can click to start crafting, I spend 100 woods, the timer goes on, and when it reaches zero, no hammer gets added to my inventory.
2 - I lose all my clothes when I log out and log back in.
I gave it another try and the problem is resolved.

However on the chat I saw someone else complaining about their inability to craft a hammer. So maybe it's like a curse that gets transmitted.


There has been loads of bugs, we did find a solution. If you craft a hammer, kill yourself and go back to your body, it will appear. A pain in the ass I know. But that's the only solution we have at the moment.


Yep. We've killed a load of bugs, and that workaround is the only way at the moment. But we'll get it sorted eventually. We have a couple of theories we want to test out too. We'll get it all fixed ASAP.