Crafting Changes on All Rust Servers

Due to changes in two of the crafting plugins we use and a lack of confidence in the devs to fix an issue with them in a timely manner, I've had to reluctantly make the decision to change the way crafting is handled.

As you may or may not know, I've never liked instant crafting because it makes the game too easy and offers no incentive for players to continue playing during a wipe. For this reason, I've always preferred Zlevels and a fast and steady progression to better crafting times - just 2-4 hours on the server crafting things and you'd be at top level with near instant crafting.

However due to FacePunch making the vanilla game very grindy to achieve anything (the 7 Days To Die devs are also very guilty of this), and a problem between Zlevels and Crafting Controller that will likely never get resolved, I've been forced to make changes. I'm not totally happy about it but it should make life about the same for players. Maybe slightly better, maybe slightly worse.

Effectively immediately, crafting has been removed from Zlevels, and now all items can be crafted in one tenth of their vanilla times with a few exceptions that I've listed below.

I'm sorry if you're not happy about this (neither am I) but I've tried to be as fair as possible in making these changes.

Here are the exceptions, all times in seconds, all times are the same as vanilla Rust. This is to try to slow down raiding a little.

  • ammo.rocket.basic - craftTime: 10.0
  • - craftTime: 10.0
  • ammo.rocket.hv - craftTime: 10.0
  • explosive.satchel - craftTime: 30.0
  • explosive.timed - craftTime: 30.0
  • ammo.rifle.explosive - craftTime: 3.0
  • explosives - craftTime: 5.0
  • gunpowder - craftTime: 2.0