Duo server returns on the 18th March

On the 18th March, the Duo server returns. Yay!

I've finished setting it all back up again, updating plugins and configs and so on, and it's ready to go. It will be on a 2-3 week wipe cycle. In a 4 week month it will be every 2 weeks of course, but if it's 5 week month then it will wipe at week 3 so that the 2 weeks come at the end of the month.

This is only possible through donations. I need a couple of hundred dollars a month to pay for the hardware, and also to buy software for the servers. I'm willing to pay for half out of my own pocket, but the rest is up to you. This is why very shortly I will have to move to a monthly membership model rather than the current lifetime one. Anyone who is already vip+++ etc before the change will stay at that rank for lifetime. Anyone who donates after the changeover is on the monthly cycle. The good news is the ranks will be typically half the price of the current lifetime ones, so it doesn't sting as much.

I hope everyone understands, but I need to bring in those donations.

Thanks for your support.