Easy to Upgrade Buildings

Everybody on all servers now has the ability to upgrade their bases with a single command. You don’t have the ability (yet) to downgrade, but I may add this at a later date with a 60 second cooldown to prevent upgrade-downgrade spam which may affect the servers. I’ll ban anyone abusing this.

It all plays nicely with raid and combat blocks, so there’s no upgrading your building while being raided.

It’s easy to upgrade, just make sure you have the relevant building materials in your inventory then look at a building entity (wall, floor, etc) and type one of the following example commands:-

/up ~ upgrades ALL your building entities by one level. Wood upgrades to stone, metal upgrades to HQM.

/up metal or /up 3 ~ upgrades ALL your entities whatever the current grade is to metal.

You can also limit what entities are upgraded if you don’t want all of them upgraded by adding a filter:-

/up 4 foundation ~ this will make only your foundations upgrade to HQM (armoured).

The grades are:-

Twigs or 0
Wood or 1
Stone or 2
Metal or 3
TopTier or 4

The filters are:-