Exchange Scrap for Reward Points (RP)

EDIT: As of 23rd August 2022, this plugin has been removed as it sometimes wasn’t giving players their RP. Instead I’ve made sure that the /s store will now let you sell 10 scrap for 1 RP which is the same value as this now defunct scrap exchange.

I’ve just added another plugin and this one lets you exchange scrap for RP. The exchange rate is 10 scrap gives you 1 RP. It’s accessible via any NPC vending machine and you’ll find a section at the top that says “SCRAP EXCHANGE.”


You can type a value directly into the box and then use the arrow keys to increase or reduce it. If you put 99 scrap into the exchange you won’t actually get 9.9 RP, you’ll just get 9. I experimented a bit with it to see if you get the 0.9 in the background, but no you just lose it, so don’t do that.