Foundation Raiding IS Allowed

The “No Foundation Raiding” rule is now a thing of the past.  That’s because we’ve increased the Health Points (HP) of stone, metal and armoured foundations by a factor of 4 – nothing else in the game is affected, just foundations.  That means it will take you 4x as much C4 to remove a foundation block now, and is effectively the same as being able to blow the 4 walls that top a square foundation.

For example you’ll now see that armoured foundations have a health of 4000 out of 1000 (4000/1000), but nothing is perfect with a kludge like this.

We extended this out to foundation stairs and also to triangle foundations, and although the stairs might be overkill, we’ll see how it goes.  Of course, triangle foundations would only normally have three walls on them, so you might think we needed to only increase their health by 3 but we thought WTH and made them all 4x.

As I said, we’ll see how it goes, but for the time being foundation raiding IS allowed.