Free VIP Sign Up

This is our rough and ready FREE VIP sign up form. We'll make it prettier and add more detail later, but for now it seems to work okay. Just tap in your name, in-game name, and email address, and when we see the details come in, we'll upgrade you to the Free VIP rank and you'll get a [vip-] tag in front of your in-game name.

If you see an admin on one of the servers and you're still waiting, just let us know, or you can let us know in Discord - if we're online we're usually in #general.

If you'd like a better rank - [VIP+], [VIP++], [VIP+++] - or you'd just like to donate and give us some love, then you can do so here on the Donate page.

Note that selecting the wrong server will delay your free upgrade by several hours to a couple of days. A number of Solo and Duo players have been selecting Clans and have had to wait. Please select the correct server.

After you fill in the form, wait for an email and CHECK your spam folder.

PvE 1
PvE 2