Good Players and Whiners

Just a quick post to answer something that comes up from time to time from usually newbie Rust players. I personally consider a newbie as someone who has less than 1,000 hours – but let’s be generous and say 800.

Every so often we’ll see something in console chat that goes a little like this.

“Shit server, pay to win.”

In my experience as a Rust player who used to play on modded servers before I set up GameKeeper, that has NEVER been relevant.  In fact, when we knew that there were players on a server who had more than us, they became instant targets.  So we’d lay low and make enough explosives to do a bit of “light raiding.”

We’d do things like build a couple of small raid bases near to a big base, put some sleeping bags in and then take it in turns to run up to their doors naked (if no turrets) and “knock-knock-knock” until someone came out and killed us.  Rinse and repeat.  Then after a while we’d know whose base it was and how many were living there. 😉

Do that a few times around the map and soon enough you know where all the big bases are and who lives in them.  And then it starts.

Before long you’ve relieved the rich of their M249s and ammo stashes.  We always tried NOT to kill the sleepers though as we didn’t want them to know who’d emptied their pockets.

It’s fun.  It’s Rust.

Eventually I donated and became a VIP+ and we found that was usually enough to get us started up fast right after a wipe – this was in the original BP system days when it was a mad frenzy of all your clan learning how to make all the weapons.  Later I donated again up to VIP+++ levels simply because I wanted to say thank you to the server admin.

But at no point did I ever feel it was “pay to win.”  That’s whiner talk.