Hacking Accusations, Mods, Admins, Bans

If you’re thinking of making accusations about other players, then read this first to avoid being banned yourself.

Because right now, you’re VERY close to being banned if you’ve been sent here by an admin or mod.

Once you’ve been banned, you are banned across the entire GameKeeper network, forever. If we find alt accounts, we will ban them too.

There is no appeals process.

The questions and thoughts you may be thinking right now are probably summed up as “Harsh.”

So why would I want to do things this way?

For several reasons, but mainly to make people understand that accusations of hacking, cheating, griefing, mod or admin abuse are not something we take lightly.


Our time is more valuable than yours. If you waste it, we will waste you.

If you accuse someone of hacking, cheating or otherwise, then it’s very likely that a ban will be applied, but unless you have solid VIDEO PROOF then it’s also very likely that YOU will be the one who is about to be banned.

As I’ve said for over ten years now, “A video or it didn’t happen.”

We have had our fair share of pouty kids who’ve had their arses handed to them by a better player who then want to put the blame for their crapness on someone else rather than admit they are actually crap themselves. And it’s all too easy to say “they were using hacks!”

That will not wash with me.

If a player wastes one minute of my time on an accusation without clearly documented VIDEO PROOF, I WILL ban them.

Just so we’re clear…

A video, or it didn’t happen.

Now having said that, some of my mods are either more or less tolerant than I am. It may be that a mod will listen to you – they are there to help after all – and they then may turn around and say “we’ll take a closer look for you.”

But. Same comment applies as above. Once someone is looking at your complaint, someone else is also looking at YOU. Once the other mod or admin involves other mods or admins, now at least twice as much time is being spent looking at you or your complaint. A “Time is Money” sort of thing. The mods and admins are VERY busy, and most of them do it out of love for the games without any thought of any kind of reward or recompense for their time spent doing something they enjoy.

So if you involve them in something like accusations against other people, then there are clouds on the horizon which could just as easily rain on you.

And in games just as much as in real life, once you make yourself noticed, you also just made yourself a target.

Put another way, one of my old bosses once said to me, “As soon as you put your head over the parapet, someone is going to start shooting at it.”

So before you open your big fat gob to accuse. Think again.