Halloween Minigame

You will have noticed the Halloween mini-game starting every so often. It's worth playing.

Collect candies as they appear in front of you and earn goodie bags. These can be upgraded to produce better and better items.

To make it easier and more competitive, I've added the Scarecrow Wrap and the Pumpkin Bucket to the Rewards Store (/s) at a cost of 1 RP each.

Wear the Scarecrow Wrap and you will see more candies appear at a faster rate. Hold the Pumpkin Bucket in front of you and hold down the Left Mouse Button (LMB) as you run around to pick up candies instantly, there's no delay at all.

I'm fairly sure most people don't know you can do this as I have yet to see anyone other than myself in the #1 slot. My all time record is 104 candies. Beat that.