Halloween Zombies

With October 31st imminent, Zombie Hordes and the Halloween Event have been enabled.

As you might expect, zombies are roaming about the servers in hordes, waiting to attack you. They don't spawn at monuments but that doesn't mean they won't chase you there.

For the Halloween Event, collect candies as they appear in front of you and earn goodie bags for the top players. These can be upgraded to produce better and better items. To make it easier, I've added the Scarecrow Wrap and the Pumpkin Bucket to the Rewards Store (/s) at a cost of 1 RP each, so everyone can join in.

If you wear the Scarecrow Wrap, you will see candies appear at a faster rate, and more of them will spawn. Hold the Pumpkin Bucket and then hold down the Left Mouse Button (LMB) as you run around to pick up candies instantly instead of waiting for them to be picked up. Try it with and without the bucket and you'll see what I mean.