Loot Table Changes

Effective immediately, changes to the loot tables mean that there are 3 rare items that you can only get by buying them from the /s store, or via Hackable Crates.

Quarries and Pumpjacks are now 2500RP, and Test Generators are 3000RP in the /s store. (RP = Reward Points.)

You can also get all 3 items from Hackable Crates, but they’re very rare – you have about a 1 in 20 chance of getting any one of them from a single crate. They’re a little less rare in Cargo Ship Hackable Crates – about 1 in 7, but still difficult to get.

It’s easier to farm animals and build up your RP early game and then purchase any of the items you need.

These new loot tables apply to all servers right now, but by next wipe, there should be PvE specific loot tables where it’s easier to get these items.

Other upcoming changes to the Rewards Store are the ability to sell wood and stone (and maybe a couple of other things) for a higher price than they are now in order to gain RP. And also for all 3 key cards to be available for purchase too. (Don’t hassle me about it, all this takes time and testing)

As always, have fun.