More Scrap on all Rust Servers

All Rust servers now have much more scrap than they did before. I've gone through each container and doubled the amount, and added scrap to some containers where it wasn't there at all before. Even all scientist types now carry scrap, and heavy scientists carry double the amount of scrap of the regular scientists. So, apart from barrels and crates, it's now possible to farm scientists and zombies etc for their scrap.

Please note that it is always a random amount of scrap that can be found in every container, but the minimum and maximum amounts have been doubled. Sometimes you will find the minimum, sometimes the maximum.

At some point, scrap will be exchangeable for RP (Reward Points) in the /s store, and then you can use the RP to purchase in game items like guns, blueprints and other useful stuff. That will take a lot of balancing to get right, so don't chase me about it as there's a lot of simpler changes I'd like to make first.  😉