MVP (Most Valuable Player) Donator Rank

We have recently added a new donator rank, MVP (Most Valuable Player)

The rank was added for those few players who go above and beyond the standard donation packages. Some players wish to donate more than the highest package, $30. So we thought that the MVP rank would be the best way to award those players with something special that very few players have.

So the reason I’m writing this is partially to let everyone know about the new rank, but mainly to clear up something the Admins have said about the rank. We originally said anyone who has donated $60 dollars total will get access to the rank. So if Player A donates for himself and Player B for VIP+++, Player A would have totalled that $60 and would have been rewarded the MVP rank.

I don’t think anyone can argue this point – it’s too easy to play the system. Take the above scenario, Player A donates for himself and Player B, Player A has now totalled the $60 dollars and gets Player B to refund him the $30, now one member of the clan has the MVP perks. They then have gotten MVP for $30. We want it to be a special rank, and if you can get it for $30 everyone will have the rank, then it’s not special anymore.

So from this point onwards, you can only get MVP by donating $60 for yourself. To the one or two players who have already got the MVP by using this method or similar, you keep your rank.

With that all said, a bit about the MVP rank.
Currently, it’s only available to the PvE server while we work out how to balance it on the PvP servers. You get an auto sorter which will take all of a specific item from your inventory and put it into a box. i.e, if you have an inventory full of components and guns, when you click components, only the components will go into the box. You also will get access to the portable recycler. So instead of using /craftrec and placing one in your base, you can /rec and use it on the go.
I do plan to add some sort of convenience kits to the rank that won’t be overly powerful, they’ll just be handy to have.

I think that’s everything I have to say on the subject, any questions please feel free to ask.