WorkBench Range Extended

As of 10th September 2022, the WorkBench range has been extended to cover the entire base. You will need a ToolCupboard somewhere in the base in order for this to work.

The plugin may be a little buggy, and if it’s found to be problematic it will be removed.

That is all.

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Furnace Nightmares Almost Fixed

It’s been another long day. I spent it by updating one of my test servers and then removing all plugins except for those that affected furnaces and smelting speeds, etc.

I now have most of it fixed except for the furnace sorting/splitting – it’s going to need an update from the devs on that front. One of them is having a real problem with the changes FacePunch has made and the other was questioning whether furnace sorting was necessary any more.

Well, it is necessary and I’ve told the dev who was questioning it that we still need a sorting plugin.

I have removed all of the old plugins and installed three new ones – one of them is a find by SinKoh. Good job that man.

The first one optionally returns a very similar interface to the one we had last week before FacePunch wrecked it for us (SinKoh’s find). The second one allows smelting in all slots simultaneously, just like it used to last week. The third one replaces the old smelting speed plugin as it doesn’t work correctly with the other two plugins.

The result is a very nice experience again. You can either use the furnaces as they are now, or issue the /furnace command and switch to the old style of furnaces. You have to place down a new furnace once you’ve switched, or pick up and place down an existing one. When you open it you’ll see (almost) a replica of the old furnace interface again.

Here’s the new interface, ready to start…

…and here’s the new interface smelting all items just a few moments later (no lightning bolts yet though)…

…and here’s the metal finished but the sulfur still running a minute or so later.


And now for the old style interface on a large furnace with more smelting slots available (than the 5 above in the new interface) that we’ve all been accustomed to for a long time…

…this is what it looks like after…

…and here’s what it looks like a few minutes later.

Finally, small furnaces, old style.

A few moments later…


Remember, the old style furnace interface is OPTIONAL for every furnace you place down, and you can have both old and new style furnaces together.

All we need now is an updated sorting plugin to make it all easier again.

Before you ask, yes sulfur smelting is deliberately slow in an attempt to reduce the amount of boom-boom produced on the accelerated servers (x5, x10), but that shouldn’t be an issue as you can just fill up a furnace with sulfur in many slots.

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Furnaces and Smelting

Following the changes to the way furnaces work (and other things it seems) by FacePunch, I’ve gradually discovered LOTS of problems with plugins interacting with each other to cause strangeness and I’m still not totally convinced I’ve found all of them.

So, pre wipe I was using PowerSmelt for smelting things and it’s worked fine to speed up smelting times since I bought it. After the wipe I discovered it now wouldn’t play nicely with camp fires after the protocol change, so I removed it and of course smelting went to shit. With a lot of trial and error today I finally worked out it was one setting that caused the food cooking problem. It was the ability to cook meat in furnaces. I’ve now removed that very nice ability.

“Cook In Meat Furnaces”: false,

However, while trying to get smelting working at higher speeds, I purchased another plugin, Oxidation’s Smelting Controller. That is now currently the plugin controlling smelting as of 6.00pm GMT/BST today. I’ve tweaked and tested and compared it against PowerSmelt until it’s working in a very similar way. Fast smelting of everything (x10 furnace etc multiplier) plus short cooking times, and longer smelting of Sulfur. Yeah don’t argue, we’ve always done it like that because PvP servers are x10 and too much easy to access boom-boom means 1 or 2 players raid everybody and clear the server of other players. (Also see offline raid protection to help prevent that – it seems to be working in most cases.)

You may need to restart your furnaces / campfires / barbecues to get the faster speeds.

While this has all been going on over the weekend, in an attempt to make the furnaces work like they used to, I also purchased the FurnaceReturns plugin despite the dev saying it needed PowerSmelt (or similar) to burn multiple stacks at once. Which seemed a bit strange to me as there’s nothing in the PowerSmelt config that implies it does that. So today I’ve been testing that out with the PowerSmelt plugin on the Clans server.

I can’t get it to work – it’s a different interface (like the old one) but it still only burns one stack at a time. I feel there’s probably another plugin interacting with PowerSmelt and FurnaceReturns preventing it from working properly. I’ve raised the issue with the dev of FurnaceReturns and I’m waiting for him to get back to me.

So… this is all ongoing furnace related stuff and it’s not a final answer. I have the feeling if enough players F7 report a bug and complain in forums, then FacePunch might do something about it and make it so that multiple additional slots are available and they all burn at the same time again. I don’t have a lot of confidence in this, but it might happen.

Just know that I am trying to make things better again. ๐Ÿ™‚

There will be additional test, tweaks and changes until I’m satisfied.

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Containers Within Containers

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could reduce the number of chests in your base, while still having the same capacity of storage?ย  Well now you can. And there’s no need to be using coffins either, unless you like coffins of course.

Back in April 2022 I added a new plugin that allowed players to add additional “virtual containers” within a container and then promptly forgot to announce it. Very few players have been using them since – hopefully with this post word will get round and more players will get the benefit.

You may or may not have noticed some icons/buttons to the bottom right when you open a chest. The magic + button will allow you to add additional virtual chests to a single chest, which are then numbered 1, 2, etc. The M button is your Master chest – the default view of any chest you may open, while the 1, 2 chests are the additional chests you can create with the + button.

As you might guess there is a small cost to creating a new container, which you can see by clicking the i button.

As of today (5th September 2022) this method replaces the old method of upgrading containers as there is no need for that plugin any more. At some point, probably next forced wipe on October 6th 2022, the Chest Stacking plugin will be removed as there’s no need for that plugin either – correct me if I’m wrong and I’ll leave it in place.

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Scrap Exchange Plugin now Removed

Because of multiple reports of the Scrap Exchange plugin not giving players their Reward Points (RP), I’ve now removed the plugin. Instead I’ve now made it so that you can sell your scrap in the /s store at the same rate as the scrap exchange in vending machines. I really don’t know why I didn’t think of this before.

All you need to do is do /s in chat to bring up the store, then go to the Sell page and select Scrap. You’ll then see the interface for adjusting the amount of scrap you want to sell. By default it will select all of your scrap, so you may only want to sell some of it. Just click the minus (-100, -1000) buttons and the amount of scrap you want to sell will reduce.ย  When you’re ready, click Sell Item and you’re done.

Make sure not to have any small amounts of scrap as less than 10 and you won’t get any RP for them. Stick to at least 10 scrap at a time in order to get 1 scrap.

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Offline Raid Protection

Effective immediately, Offline Raid Protection has now been added to Solo and Duo. To protect your base while offline, add scrap to the Tool Cupboard. Before then you will see that you have no protection in the Tool Cupboard GUI.

There is a 10 minute delay (600 seconds) after you go offline before the 100% protection kicks in. Scrap is drawn from the Tool Cupboard as required and you can see your level of protection by typing /protection while near your Tool Cupboard.

In the example above you can see that in a small building of just 13 building blocks, it costs 103 scrap per hour. So it’s quite expensive but I think that’s the way it should be.

EDIT: After feedback, it turns out that it wasn’t that expensive after all, so the 90 base cost per hour has been increased to 400. Also apparently the default 90 base cost that came with the plugin was for vanilla-like servers, and all the GameKeeper PvP servers are x10 gather PLUS Zlevel increases as you rank up, so 400 isn’t so expensive as it seems.

When the scrap runs out, your base is no longer protected. This should stop all the offlining, but I expect to see some whining from some players, and we’ll all find out who the offliners are.

If this is successful I’ll add it to the Clans server too. EDIT: Done. Now active on Clans.

Please note that you are NOT protected from the effects of the AutoPurge plugin. With current settings if you don’t connect within 5 days your base will be purged. (I’m still hoping the AutoPurge plugin dev will take up my suggestion of removing resources from the Tool Cupboard rather than purge the base immediately so that an abandoned base will decay away using the regular Rust method.) I have also put in a request on CodeFling for a dev to create such a plugin.

I fully expect that plenty of players won’t read the Welcome Message that states that Offline Raid Protection is active and so will still be raidable.

That’s life. ยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ

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Rust Red Text Errors

If you get red text errors in Rust when you start it up, or at any other time, this is the fix. It started happpening to me with a new PC build and a new Rust install and was driving me mad.

F1 -> Console and then enter:-

console.erroroverlay false

That is all.

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OneGrid is no more

Because the OneGrid server was getting hardly any interest from players despite the very cool custom maps that were being used in a 4-week cycle, it’s now been taken offline, probably permanently. The resources it was using on the server hardware will now be available to the other servers.

The Rust Servers page has been updated to reflect this.

That is all.

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No More Massive Bases Please

I’ve had reports (you can see them in Discord #bugs) about sudden FPS drops on the servers. I’ve not experienced this myself, and I have a now modest (by today’s standards) GTX 970 with most of the settings on high and I run Rust at 1600×900 in a Window. I do that because it allows me to do adminny things between that window and the two monitors I use, one of which is an ultrawide screen. I typically get 80-90 FPS.

Last night while roaming the maps on the different servers looking for anything that may be causing FPS drops or lag spikes, I found two locations on PvE #1 with several thousand entities. The more entities there are, the harder the server has to work to maintain them, causing FPS drops and lag spikes.

The reason for these massive amounts of entities were because one player had walled off an island using regular foundations and then building 2 and 3 walls high. And then another location where the player had done the same thing to mark out his territory. In retaliation at being squeezed out of a space they were occupying, a neighbour had done the same thing to protect his own space. The result was thousands of visible entities on the server that didn’t need to be there. As I said previously more entities means more FPS drops and more lag spikes as the server has to serve the location and type of each entity when players get near those areas. It’s really bad when those entities are out in the open in the form of paths and walls and are visible to other players. Inside a base it’s not so bad as they get culled in the rendering process

You may not even see what’s causing it, but suddenly you’ll see an FPS drop or lag spike in the form of rubber banding, where you keep moving back to the same location as you try to run forward. Because of some sluggishness on the servers previously (towards the end of wipe), I’ve had no choice but to re-add the AutoPurge plugin to all the servers and it’s on a 5-day “no connection” purge. VIP players don’t get affected by this.

As the PvE servers have additional plugins that make them PvE, there’s no need to mark out your territory by doing extensive foundation builds like this. Just place down a TC every so often to protect your space and that will do the trick.

Quarries don’t need partitioning off in compounds on PvE. They are protected by the QuarryManager plugin which prevents other players opening or start/stopping them. If you think that isn’t working properly, let me know and I’ll take a look. If you *must* partition off your space, use high stone walls as that’s what they’re intended for.

I removed the two locations with thousands of foundation and base wall entities. If I see any more I will be removing them without refunding any resources.

Finally, yes I am a little bit annoyed at the first player as I have already had a discussion with him in a previous wipe about causing massive FPS drops with around a hundred flashing red lights on the inside and outside his base. You only had to look in the general direction of it to get an FPS drop. But it seems he hasn’t learned and I am now very close to a ban as to me it seems like he’s done this deliberately to stress the server. I totally understand why the second player felt he had to protect his space with the same tactics, but this is all a little bit ridiculous now isn’t it?

New rule. No More MASSIVE Bases with thousands of unnecessary visible entities or anything that would cause stress on the server or to other players. From now on, when I see them, I will remove them, loot and all.

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Customised Recycling

As part of the recycling system overhaul, I’ve added a plugin that allows the customisation of recyclable items and their output. For starters I’ve added the ability to recycle HQM down to metal frags, and metal frags down to scrap.

The exchange rate is 1,000 HQM will recycle down to approx 4,500 metal frags. The metal frags will then recycle down to approx 135 scrap. (Scrap is valuable and is like a second currency next to Reward Points.) This sounds expensive, but players who have had the foresight to set up quarries will often end up with a surplus of HQM and metal frags after they’ve built their base.

In addition, I’ve made changes to the /remove tool exchange rate so that now it won’t cost you anything to remove building blocks, and in fact you’ll get something back. (Admission: I always thought it worked that way, and I’m sure it used to, but at some point in the past it was changed to cost players more materials than they received. Now changed.)

I have also previously installed a plugin that lets you exchange scrap for reward points (RP) in any vending machine. Use the /s store to sell your scrap. In case you didn’t know, RP on GameKeeper servers always gets carried over to the next wipe. Ooh!

That means that right before a wipe you can scrap all your surplus materials and convert it into RP so you’re all ready for the next wipe. Given that you now get something back for using /remove to remove building blocks, you can now dismantle your base right before wipe, run it through the recycler to get scrap and then convert it all to RP at a vending machine. Muhahaha.

Is that cool or what? Yeah I know it is. See how I’m always thinking of you?

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