Raided Island Base

All I’ll say is you can’t build bases like this and not expect to be easily raided.

Noteworthy things to bear in mind (below) when base building that I’ve mentioned in the video.

o Autoturrets can be destroyed with 2 incendiary rockets.
o Avoid building rectangular, open bases. That is noob behaviour.
o Don’t get overconfident (cocky).
o You must honeycomb and make use of triangle foundations.
o Doors EVERYWHERE – make your base expensive to raid.
o Hide your Tool Cupboards – don’t make it obvious where they are.
o A raider can jump on the other player’s shoulders to get up a single level.
o Make sure you use 1.5x and 2x height levels. If you have building privileges you can put twig ladders down to get that little higher to reach your ladder hatches.
o Hide your best loot in small stashes. I keep saying this, no-one but the best players listen.

Some things I didn’t mention in the video.

o Don’t build all your bases together. You’re just making it easy (and an attractive target) and there’s no need to do so with the use of /home.
o Use bear traps. After they’ve triggered, they reset after 20 minutes (I think it’s 20) on GK servers. That means you can hurt them on the way in and hurt them on the way out too.
o Use at least double layered high stone walls, and build into shallows to stop raiders from having an easy time.


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Good Players and Whiners

Just a quick post to answer something that comes up from time to time from usually newbie Rust players. I personally consider a newbie as someone who has less than 1,000 hours – but let’s be generous and say 800.

Every so often we’ll see something in console chat that goes a little like this.

“Shit server, pay to win.”

In my experience as a Rust player who used to play on modded servers before I set up GameKeeper, that has NEVER been relevant.  In fact, when we knew that there were players on a server who had more than us, they became instant targets.  So we’d lay low and make enough explosives to do a bit of “light raiding.”

We’d do things like build a couple of small raid bases near to a big base, put some sleeping bags in and then take it in turns to run up to their doors naked (if no turrets) and “knock-knock-knock” until someone came out and killed us.  Rinse and repeat.  Then after a while we’d know whose base it was and how many were living there. 😉

Do that a few times around the map and soon enough you know where all the big bases are and who lives in them.  And then it starts.

Before long you’ve relieved the rich of their M249s and ammo stashes.  We always tried NOT to kill the sleepers though as we didn’t want them to know who’d emptied their pockets.

It’s fun.  It’s Rust.

Eventually I donated and became a VIP+ and we found that was usually enough to get us started up fast right after a wipe – this was in the original BP system days when it was a mad frenzy of all your clan learning how to make all the weapons.  Later I donated again up to VIP+++ levels simply because I wanted to say thank you to the server admin.

But at no point did I ever feel it was “pay to win.”  That’s whiner talk.

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New 36 Hour Raiding Ban

What’s one thing that would make the GameKeeper servers even better? Thinking back on comments, I would have to say more players. For the last six or so months we have been talking about different ways to achieve this and I think we finally have the right solution.

We have added a plugin that will give new players a grace period. What this means is they will be unraidable for the first 36 hours they are on the server. New players will also be stopped from raiding within the first 36 hours to make it fair for everyone.

We think this is the best way to go about it all. The reason being this, more experienced players come on the PvP servers, they farm like crazy for a few hours then raid all the smaller bases that they can. The smaller bases are usually built by more inexperienced players who are still trying to learn the game and don’t want to play on the PvE server. So then they login and find they have been crushed after a day or less. After this they don’t see a reason to stick around and go to a new server leaving us with a low population. So the main idea of it all is, the experienced players who want to raid can’t just come on, raid and scare new players away. They’ll be the ones leaving and everyone else will be happy. Well, that’s how it goes in our heads.

To check if a player’s grace period is over, you can walk up to their base and enter /checknew into chat. If it’s not over you will be given the time until it is.

Usually the servers wipe around 10pm GMT on the first Thursday of the month. So that would make them raidable late Saturday morning. Giving you the rest of the weekend to raid.

We really hope this works the way we want it to.

– The Admins

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The RP Store – Good News Bad News

Zilch and I have been having discussions for the last 2 weeks about the /s Rewards Points store.

We know there are exploits, and we know there aren’t enough items for sale or to sell.  So on top of everything else we have going on (there’s a LOT of under the cover things happening right now), we’re going to take some time out to completely redo the store.  We have to warn you that it’s a real PITA to work on it due to the overly complicated way the developer implemented it – it really needs a re-write to make it easier to work quantities and prices out.

We’re going to need at least a shared spreadsheet to hack it all out and make any sense of it.

So we’ve decided to take all the /s stores offline for 1 week (at least – it might take a little longer) while we sort it all out.  Starting with the wipe tonight.

With any luck we’ll get it all done in the next few days and it will be back online NEXT Thursday 14th December.  We’re very sorry, but it’s just something that REALLY needs to be done.

Good News – we’re fixing the /s store.
Bad News – we’re taking it offline until it’s done.

You can leave thoughts and comments about this on the forum here.


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Rust Building 3.0


Lots of interesting things going on with half height walls etc, but probably of most interest to base builders are the Tool Cupboard (TC) changes.

Two statements are of interest here.

#1 – Only 1 tool cupboard per building.

“Buildings are now defined by any foundation that snaps with another, and any blocks connected to said foundations.”

#2 – Privilege radius based on blocks, not cupboards.

“Building privilege is now based on the building blocks instead of exact radius around the cupboard. That means the placement of the cupboard inside the building has no impact on that structures exact build privilege area. Rather, the building itself defines the radius of build privilege”

My initial conclusion from these two statements:-

It seems that with clever honeycombing and a single TC placed anywhere within your base, you can protect all of it.  In theory (we won’t know until the update hits tonight) you could build an 8 storey building with a single TC at the top inside a honeycomb and protect your entire base.  ONLY IF they’ve also changed the way the TC influence spreads down (a single block I believe) and as they’ve said nothing about that, again we won’t know until the update hits.

Also, if I’ve read it correctly, they don’t seem to have put a limit as to how big your base is either (have I missed that?), it seems to be a case of because “Buildings are now defined by any foundation that snaps with another, and any blocks connected to said foundations.”  So as long as you’re using building blocks like foundation steps to go up and down hills, then IN THEORY (at the moment) you could build one massive base all over the side of a mountain and protect it all with a single TC tucked away somewhere.

Then the raiders would have to find it to get anywhere.

However…  It might not be all one-sided in favour of the base builder.  It may also be a case of raiders being able to “orphan” parts of a low sprawling base by blowing out foundations in certain areas and disconnecting some of the foundations from the TC.  They would know as they would suddenly be able to build in the orphaned area.  If this is possible, the raider could then begin to work out the general area where your TC is located.

One things for certain, either it’s all going to get really interesting and breathe some life into base building… or it’s a complete cock up with some of this stuff working and some not.

We’ll know in the next day or so.  What’s your money on?


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Banning Clan LShot from GameKeeper

UPDATE 24th Jan 2018: Screenshots from Discord at the end of this post.

Here’s the thing. As admins, we don’t want to ban ANYONE. We’ve only ever had to ban 26 people, and FOUR of those were last night when we banned Clan LShot.

(Once we ban, it’s permanent. No appeals process. It would be a waste of our time.)

We want players to join one of the servers we’ve spent a LOT of time setting up, and then enjoy themselves.

We’ve set up some reasonable rules, the main one being to protect us admins from time wasters. And when I said we’ve spent a lot of time setting up the servers, I mean HUNDREDS of hours. And it’s ongoing. We never stop. So we don’t have time for any bullshit.

“Oh help me admin. I’m pathetic and I can’t help myself.”

That kind of thing. This game is hardcore. It’s Rust. You’re going to continuously get your arse handed to you on PvP. If the main PvP server is too much, we’ve set up a smaller (and so far quieter) PvP2 server, and also a PvE server with PvP zones at monuments for those that like to mainly build.

The PvE server is the best of both worlds. You get to build (mostly) in peace and you get to learn the game mechanics if you’re new. You don’t get raided. Then when you want a bit of action, you visit one of the monuments and shoot bots and other players. It can be a lot of fun. I prefer PvP myself, but I also finally get it with PvE too – at least the way we’ve done it.

The rest of the server rules are there to protect ALL players on the servers and to add a bit of civility to everything.

And that’s all good and fine until you get toxics join. Arrogant bastards. They don’t read the rules. Or they don’t think they apply to them. Or they think they’re not very good rules and ignore them.

We can spot the toxics almost right away – sometimes even from comments in the console when we’re not even actually IN the game. (Yeah, always watching.) Up until now we’ve given them a chance and told them to read the rules and given them a bit of slack.

Clan LShot are the last players we do that for.

Because here’s something even more interesting.

When we ban the toxics (remember we don’t want to ban ANYONE), we get donations. It’s like the other players want to reward us for keeping the servers clean.

So that’s what we’re going to do now. We see a toxic, we ban them. No hesitation.

Here’s a short video explaining why Clan LShot were banned.


UPDATE 24th Jan 2018:

So this just happened.  Why are people like this?  All I can think is they were hoping we’d bite and then they’d have something on us.  The thing is, we take what we do seriously and we’re not scumbags.

And the DM to me.


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Rust Half Height Walls

Coming soon to Rust are the long overdue half height walls.  Why FacePunch do a lot of things is beyond me, but when they removed the half height floor block months ago was a real puzzler as it immediately limited and removed a lot of cool base designs.

But with introduction of half height walls, you can now make your own half height floor blocks.  Expect some clever (read: “sneaky”) base designs again.

From Rust dev blog 187:-

Building 3.0
André Straubmeier

This week I pretty much completed the new building system. I started by allowing foundations to snap to each other at a vertical offset of half a wall. Then I added half height walls that can be used to even out that offset on the higher floors. With half height walls and a floor you can of course also construct your own half height block – if you’re still nostalgic for this long removed building block type.


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Rust Decay Settings

This is a small extract from this forum post on Rust Server Decay. If you have anything you want to add or if you think decay isn’t working how I’ve described it, then please do so on the forum.


We’d hoped not to have to add decay to the Rust servers after we removed it late last year, but the sheer amount of entities that were being created recently because players have been leaving temporary non-twig structures everywhere means we have no choice. If players could be relied on to clean up after themselves (it’s a raid tower rule) then it wouldn’t be a problem, but we have no reliable way of enforcing this. (We DO know whose structures they are, but knowing if they’re still active is another matter and is fairly time consuming to us.)

So decay is back (at least for the time being) in an attempt to keep the entity count down, and the servers as lag free as possible. As there’s quite a lot to read and understand, I’ve summarised the decay we’ve applied to the servers as tl;dr and then given a full explanation. The decay is NOT as bad as default Rust decay and can be avoided by the use of Metal or Armoured (TopTier) bases.

All hours described below are real time hours, not game hours.


Twig: 2 hour reset timer. Total Decay in 10 hours with or without Tool Cupboard (TC).
Wood: 12 hour reset timer. TC – Decays in 40 hours. No TC – Decays in 20 hours.
Stone: 18 hour reset timer. TC – Decays in 60 hours. No TC – Decays in 20 hours.
Metal: 18 hour reset timer. TC – No Decay. No TC – Decays in 100 hours.
Top Tier: 24 hour reset timer. TC – No Decay. No TC – Decays in 100 hours.

You can read more and reply on the forum:-

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Worst Rust PvE Admin Ever

So yesterday I spent maybe 8 hours on and off coming up with a plan for (thanks for the help Ollie!), and configuring PvP zones on certain monuments on the PvE server, just to add a little interest for the players there. I discovered something interesting about the way you could identify zones which should make it relatively easy to add the same monuments as PvP each wipe – I think about 20-30 minutes total.

In other words I was doing what admins should be doing.  Testing, tweaking, making the server better.

Then.  While I was still working on it.  This tit.  Note that he has over 3,000 hours on Rust, so should know better.

(20:43:40) | [Better Chat] [vip-] [RTV] [BA(R)] ASUS(MIS): admin in discord
(20:43:48) | [Better Chat] {Admin} PPlank: I’m here.
(20:43:54) | [Better Chat] [vip-] * * * * * * * * * * * Mikejuh oh hi xD
(20:43:57) | [Better Chat] [vip-] [RTV] [BA(R)] ASUS(MIS): XD
(20:43:59) | [Better Chat] {Admin} PPlank: In and out of rcon etc.
(20:44:00) | [Better Chat] [vip-] [RTV] [BA(R)] ASUS(MIS): finally
(20:44:04) | [Better Chat] {Admin} PPlank: Making changes.
(20:44:07) | [Better Chat] [vip-] * * * * * * * * * * * Mikejuh lol nice
(20:44:14) | [Better Chat] {Admin} PPlank: What’s up?
(20:44:24) | [Better Chat] [vip-] [RTV] [BA(R)] ASUS(MIS): pplank not good
(20:44:26) | [Better Chat] [vip-] * * * * * * * * * * * Mikejuh but there was an atenax3 that was stealing loot from the tank i shot
(20:44:43) | [Better Chat] [vip-] [RTV] [BA(R)] ASUS(MIS): he steal my items and ta mere too
(20:44:55) | [Better Chat] [vip-] * * * * * * * * * * * Mikejuh and harvested it aswell, (s)he did that earlier today aswell
(20:45:02) | [Better Chat] [vip-] [RTV] [BA(R)] ASUS(MIS): its he
(20:45:08) | [Better Chat] [vip-] [RTV] [BA(R)] ASUS(MIS): POLISH ONION
(20:46:04) | [Better Chat] {Admin} PPlank: I’m not really sure what I can do about that other than say be more careful.
(20:46:16) | [Better Chat] {Admin} PPlank: If you have airdrops, build an airdrop base to put them in.
(20:46:26) | [Better Chat] [vip-] [RTV] [BA(R)] ASUS(MIS): XD
(20:46:30) | [Better Chat] [vip-] * * * * * * * * * * * Mikejuh how can you be more careful if someone loots your heli or tank crates?
(20:46:44) | [Better Chat] [vip-] [RTV] [BA(R)] ASUS(MIS): pplank
(20:46:46) | [Better Chat] [vip-] * * * * * * * * * * * Mikejuh he came when he heard the explosion
(20:46:51) | [Better Chat] [vip-] * * * * * * * * * * * Mikejuh of the tank
(20:46:52) | [Better Chat] [vip-] [RTV] [BA(R)] ASUS(MIS): u can come in discord?
(20:46:53) | [Better Chat] {Admin} PPlank: If another player nips and loots say the Bradley that you’ve shot down, that’s #justrustthings
(20:46:57) | [Better Chat] {Admin} PPlank: I’m busy.
(20:47:02) | [Better Chat] {Admin} PPlank: This is a non-issue.
(20:47:03) | [Better Chat] [vip-] * * * * * * * * * * * Mikejuh so must be living nearby, nothing that can be done against it
(20:47:16) | [Better Chat] [vip-] * * * * * * * * * * * Mikejuh lol…
(20:47:18) | [Better Chat] {Admin} PPlank: Nope. Live somehwere else. Big map.
(20:47:26) | [Better Chat] {Admin} PPlank: It’s RUST!
(20:47:48) | [Better Chat] {Admin} PPlank: Survival etc. I know this is PvE, but you can still get killed easily.
(20:48:17) | [Better Chat] [vip-] [RTV] [BA(R)] ASUS(MIS): i got for him special gift
(20:48:23) | [Better Chat] {Admin} PPlank: Come up with better strategies to prevent other players from taking advantage of you.
(20:48:40) | [Better Chat] [vip-] * * * * * * * * * * * Mikejuh i guess i’ll be checking houses then and demolish his…it’s rust after all
(20:48:49) | [Better Chat] {Admin} PPlank: Whatever.
(20:49:15) | [Better Chat] [vip-] * * * * * * * * * * * Mikejuh worst admin ever on a pve server, i wish you good luck <DISCONNECTS>
(20:49:19) | [Better Chat] {Admin} PPlank: I mean PvE is a LOT easier then PvP…
(20:49:28) | [Better Chat] {Admin} PPlank: Well he’s banned.
(20:49:36) | [Better Chat] {Admin} PPlank: Lifetime across all servers.

Look.  To anyone reading this.  We say quite clearly in the rules both on this site and the in-game rules…  “We don’t take sides.  We don’t get involved.”  It’s because we’re busy doing REAL admin work to make the servers better.  We’re not running a fucking day care center for special snowflakes.

And we REALLY have no time for idiots like this.  Things didn’t go the way he thought they should, and he immediately started crying for mommy.

Yes, we are here to listen, give advice, and help.  But…  Do your bit too…

Read the rules.

Do not accuse or whine about other players without good reason or proof.

Or we WILL ban YOU.


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