Please Help – introducing voting

I’ve decided to introduce voting for the servers on some of the Rust server sites. I’ve always been against this as waste of time with no good reason for that other than gut feel, but what the hell I’m going to give it a go. Maybe it will bring a few more players in, which is what other players have said to me that they want. Who knows?

What I need help with is the kind of rewards I can give to you as a thank you for voting. This is what I and Anonium have come up with so far (mostly Anonium).

  • Kits
  • Commands
  • Reward Points (RP)
  • /mymini command or similar
  • RP gain rate increase for 24 hours
  • Gather rate increase for 24 hours

How it works is on each of the server sites you log in via Steam each day (it takes seconds) and vote for the GameKeeper server you’re playing on. Back on the server you type /claim and get your rewards which could be one or all of the above. Better than that, the *more* you vote, the better the rewards become, so for example one single vote might get you 50RP, but after a few days of voting on three different voting sites and you may be up to 500RP per day (or more) and any kits etc. that are included just for a few seconds out of your day.

What I need help with is the kind of rewards and a rewards scale. If I do it myself or with Anonium’s help then it’s likely we’ll miss something that could be really good. So put your thinking caps on and come up with a set of rewards (and maybe a scale with more voting too) and post it in Discord #suggestions.

Thanks. 🙂