Possible Changes to GameKeeper Servers

I’ve been a little concerned this last few weeks that maybe I’ve made it a little too easy to gather resources due to quarries being a little bit over powered, and I’ve been looking for ways to fix this without removing personal quarries altogether and I’ve come up with a couple of changes that I’ll be testing.

The first is to put a limit on the amount of quarries and pumpjacks you can place down, and I’ll probably set that limit for both to two or even one per player. You can still upgrade those quarries and pumpjacks to make them perform better by using the upgrade button in the quarry interface.

The second is to make a change so that personal quarries and pumpjacks will only operate when you’re online. When you disconnect, they’ll turn off until you reconnect again. That will surely stop over production.

I think these changes are fair and a good idea to stop some of the ridiculous amounts of resource that some players have been creating. I will test this out tomorrow and if all is good it will be implemented this coming forced wipe on Thursday 1st December.

Comments here or in Discord please.