Unlike 99.99% of sites in existence, we don't use any third party advertising or trackers or cookies. We only use our own cookies to the extent of ensuring this site and the forum work properly - ie without cookies you'd hate this site as it wouldn't seem to work. It's technology folks.

And just like those other sites, we don't really care about your privacy but we don't have the sheer balls-out effrontery to lie about it. We just don't give two hoots about your data and we're really not interested in it as a business asset unless otherwise stated.

If we EVER run ads on this site, they won't be third party spammy clickbaity ads like you find on those other sites you don't like. First up because they don't make web site owners any substantial amount of money and they piss everybody off. Am I right?

If we run ads it will either be for our own related products and services, or for products we can really get behind and genuinely like. And I guarantee we'll make money from those very useful hand crafted ads.

You can get all the data this site stores on you from your profile on the forum where you added it. Like I said, we don't use it for anything else other than to keep the site running.