Quarry Changes

Well, I’ve just spent 3 hours trying to sort out the output of quarries as they’re a bit OP. There’s a plugin that handles quarry and pumpjack output, and I’ve been fiddling with it to reduce the output and it wasn’t making anything other than minor changes.

I couldn’t figure it out.

So I unloaded the plugin and then ran the quarries for a minute (6 lowgrade) and they were STILL ouputting massive amounts. wtf?

Then came headscratching time and I finally thought the correct thought.

“Do I have another plugin installed that could be affecting the output?”

Well, yes I do. Because this is a 10x server I was testing on, the gather rate was 10x, so pickups, mining, etc. I opened up the config and sure enough there’s a variable that affects quarries and pumpjacks and it was set to 10. Gah!

I’ve changed it to 1 on all PvP servers. PvE servers are set to 5 as usual.

The good news is I also set the value of the Giant Excavator to complete a cycle in 120 seconds instead of 600 (I’d nerfed it a few weeks ago when I heard of an exploit) and also doubled the gather rate to 2 instead of 1. I have yet to check this out as it’s just a first stab.