New 36 Hour Raiding Ban

What’s one thing that would make the GameKeeper servers even better? Thinking back on comments, I would have to say more players. For the last six or so months we have been talking about different ways to achieve this and I think we finally have the right solution.

We have added a plugin that will give new players a grace period. What this means is they will be unraidable for the first 36 hours they are on the server. New players will also be stopped from raiding within the first 36 hours to make it fair for everyone.

We think this is the best way to go about it all. The reason being this, more experienced players come on the PvP servers, they farm like crazy for a few hours then raid all the smaller bases that they can. The smaller bases are usually built by more inexperienced players who are still trying to learn the game and don’t want to play on the PvE server. So then they login and find they have been crushed after a day or less. After this they don’t see a reason to stick around and go to a new server leaving us with a low population. So the main idea of it all is, the experienced players who want to raid can’t just come on, raid and scare new players away. They’ll be the ones leaving and everyone else will be happy. Well, that’s how it goes in our heads.

To check if a player’s grace period is over, you can walk up to their base and enter /checknew into chat. If it’s not over you will be given the time until it is.

Usually the servers wipe around 10pm GMT on the first Thursday of the month. So that would make them raidable late Saturday morning. Giving you the rest of the weekend to raid.

We really hope this works the way we want it to.

– The Admins