Raid Protection

As we can't all spend 24/7 on one of our favorite games, I've installed some plugins that protect players against offline raiding on the Clans and Solo servers.

One of the biggest reasons for players leaving the servers (I've been told) is because new players start playing Rust, spend a while building their first base, logoff and when they get back on the next day, they've been raided and lost everything. They leave and never come back. For me, I've always wanted revenge in that situation, but I get why some players say "fuck this" and never play Rust again.

To help all players but especially new players, there are now some changes I've made which I think are fair. Please let me know if you disagree.

New Players

EDIT: Not working as it should, all players are getting 100% protection. I've removed the plugin and informed the dev, now we wait.

All NEW players to the PvP servers now get 6 hours of ingame playtime where their base is 100% protected. So if they play 1 hour a day for a week, they've used all their time up. If they play for a couple of hours and leave the server forever, then after 5 days their base becomes unprotected again. There is a check made to see if they really ARE new players by checking their Steam in game time.

This doesn't reset at wipe, it's a one-off kindness. 🙂

After that time, their base is raidable like anyone elses.

Door Closing

The next change I've made is to automatically close all your doors when you go offline, so if you have autodoors turned off and forget (some players do) you should still be okay. You can toggle it on and off with /ofd.

Offline Raiding

The last change I've made is to make offline raids more difficult. Not impossible, just a little more difficult. Effective immediately, when you go offline your base becomes stronger after a little while, causing the raider to have to use more explosives etc.

This is how it works.

  • When you go offline (can also be AFK for 15 minutes), then for 15 minutes your base is at the same level of protection as it would be if you were online. After 15 minutes of being offline/AFK, your base gets a boost to 100% protection for 45 minutes.
  • After that first hour has passed, then for the next 48 hours, your base protection is reduced to an additional 50% over normal and now needs to take more damage to be raided.
  • After 48 hours it returns to normal amounts of damage.
  • After 168 hours (7 days) of being offline your base is now weakened by 50% than normal and only needs half the explosive etc, to raid it.
  • That helps keep the server clean from abandoned bases if a raider cleans out the TC. The dead base will then decay naturally over the next 48 hours.

You can check a players status by using the /ao <PlayerName> command in chat.

So my thinking behind these changes is to keep players playing. I've seen many new players to the servers leave after a day or two because they've been raided and lost everything. These changes give them a slight boost that they may need while they're learning the basics. If they give up, then their base becomes more easily raidable after a week.

To balance the frustration that more experienced players may have, before the April wipe we'll be seeing automatic server-generated raidable bases appearing on all the servers. These will appear as events and will have decent loot and be protected by NPCs.

Watch this space.