Raidable Bases now live on all servers

There are now 50 different raidable bases spawning in on all servers. There are 5 different difficulty levels of bases with 10 bases of each level (for now).  You can recognise them from a distance as they have a shaded dome over them. If you’ve played on the PvE server you’ll know what I mean as the PvP zones on there look exactly the same.

The difficulty levels are, easy, medium, hard, expert, and nightmare. There is correspondingly better loot in each base.

Please remember that this is a beta and you may find that the loot needs tweaking. With that in mind, treat these popup bases as “just for fun” at this point, and you may not make any profit by the time you’ve finished a raid. Until I get some feedback about the bases and loot, then I can’t adjust them.

You may feel you can jump straight into a nightmare base, but can I suggest that even if you’re an experienced raider that you build up to nightmare. I don’t want anyone to be put off by being frustrated at a nightmare level base. Of course I could be wrong and a nightmare base is no problem to you, in which case, get stuck in. 😉

Remember these are automated bases controlled by a plugin, so you may find some anomalies like some small parts of the bases self-destructing as you approach them. Once you get into the raid, this will stop. You’ll also see that the bases are decaying. Don’t worry, they’re not as base decay is contolled by the plugin.

Have fun. 🙂