Raidable Bases Update

I’ve failed. My target was that RaidableBases would appear on all the servers tomorrow after wipe. It will now be more likely Monday 5th or Tuesday 6th April. It *might* take longer than that. Did I say it was a HUGE plugin? The video explaining it is a very wordy 45 minutes long where most plugin videos are under a minute.

The problem I have at the moment is I have a pretty big collection of bases that can be raided, but they all need work on them. For example the roof might need upgrading, the loot boxes have to be emptied, turrets neeed to be replaced (these are old base designs) and so on.

It’s not something I want to hand out to anyone else either – I think I need to do this myself as it’s the only way I’ll be satisfied. Once the first couple of bases are being auto spawned, then I think I’ll hand it out to anyone that’s interested in creating a base or editing one of the bases I have. I will certainly try to add a new base every few days.

One of the things I’ll probably be doing with the RaidableBases (RB) is preventing ladder use. RB will create a “no-ladder” zone around the bases it spawns. This will make the bases more of a challenge, and you may need 2 people to raid them. I may also prevent the use of minicopters around them, I haven’t decided.

So… Another few days to wait I’m afraid. We’ll get there.

In the meantime, I have some simpler and faster changes I’m going to make which should make the servers more interesting.