RCON Information

I thought it worth showing players SOME of what we can see about you when you join the servers. Just so that anyone thinking of being a bit naughty should think again. I use RustAdmin (free) for RCON which I run on a virtual machine on my unRAID box 24/7. (You can also get a web version of RustAdmin for a monthly sub, and I'm considering that as an option.)

Admins with RCON access can also see global and private chat, load and unload plugins and generally do some small admin tasks. You'll note from the image above that we can see your IP address so we know when you're playing with a family friend or using an alt account on another machine to do crafting. Yes I've done that too. It's not a crime.

You'll also see that someone has a VAC ban and they received it 4593 hours ago. This doesn't mean anything - one of my old (and best) admins had a VAC ban from GTA V and let's face it, the ban above is probably the same. We don't hold bans against you, especially if they were months or years ago. We all make mistakes. You can also see if there's been a game ban (Rust ban) against you.

What you can't see on there is if there are RustAdmin bans. These are shared in a central database with all Rust admins, together with a reason for the ban. Potentially toxic players are watched closely if an admin from another server has banned them for some reason such as being an asshole or using cheats. (Some admins just auto ban anyone who has already had a ban.) If they misbehave, I ban them without a second thought. In that way I can keep the servers clean and fun to play for everyone.

in addition to the RCON information, admins can also see players moving around on the map. If we hover the circles in the image below we can see who it is.

Please don't think that just because an admin or moderator isn't on the server that we're not keeping an eye on things. These are just two of the tools we use to watch server activity remotely.