Resource Mining (QoL)

Another QoL (Quality of Life) change. You can now mine resources from lots of previously un-mineable containers. To discover them all, you’re just going to have to hit things with an axe or pickaxe and see what you get. 😉

Here’s a bit of a starter though. You can now mine:-

o Rocks and cliff faces for stone and sometimes metal.

o Small powerline poles along roads for wood.

o Electrical boxes along the road for metal.

o Some other things. 🙂

Your Zlevels will increase (nice), but the amount of items from these “extra” containers won’t – you always get the same amount. Incredibly useful though if you’re running low on resources around you. At each sunrise, the containers you’ve mined (completely dry or not) will be partially refilled.

This won’t make a massive change to the game other than you can now mine for stone deep down in the caves.