Respect The Admins – Please

The topic of the century is respect.

Here’s the deal. As server ops who used to be players, we know that the #1 thing that players want is to be left alone to have some fun. Most players don’t want the admins around. I never did.

So we respect that with ONE fundamental rule for ourselves that we know make this a better place to hang out.

Rule #1 – It’s the ONLY rule for us. Admins don’t play.
We only observe.
We don’t take sides.
We don’t get involved.

All we’re there to do is to make sure everything is working properly and try to fix it if it isn’t. It takes up a lot of our time.

Approaching this as server ops as well as admins, we respect you the players with that one golden rule.

In return, we EXPECT respect back for the work we do. Most people do give us that respect, but a few think that building and maintaining a Rust server is easy and requires little thought. To those few that think like that, go build your own fucking server then and see how easy or difficult it is for yourself. Then see how you feel when someone starts criticising your work and saying shit to you like “fuck admins!”

Yeah, we get that…

I’ll add to this over time as I’m sure this isn’t the last I’ll have to say on this topic.