RP Changes for Supply Drops

Effective immediately and for a while at least (this may change without warning), when you loot a supply drop you’ll earn 30 RP (Reward Points) instead of 5. This is to incentivise competing over the supply drops as I’ve noticed that fewer players are going for them. With that in mind here’s some extra info that supply drop loot is in the process of being upgraded after it changed following the change of loot methods from FancyDrop loot to AlphaLoot for everything. Watch this space.

The intention is to make many more items available in the /s Rewards Store (e.g. all 3 card keys are in there now), and here’s a reminder that RP is also being carried over between wipes, so anything you earn will be there in your RP account until you’ve spent it. You can see how much you have at any time by doing /s in chat.

RP is earned for all sorts of activity such as mining ore (nodes), shooting animals, gathering, etc. The more you collect, the more you’ll have to spend in the store. I’m even considering a trading rate for scrap to convert it into RP (maybe 10 scrap to 1RP, to be confirmed). If I implement this it means that before wipe you’ll be able to convert everything to scrap and then convert it to RP which will carry over into the next wipe cycle.

All of this is always subject to change as we try to keep things balanced while making it fun for people who know all the little wrinkles of the GameKeeper servers.