General Rules and Notes

You might read this page (you should) and think that it’s all about banning players.  It isn’t.  This page is really about how YOU should behave while at GameKeeper.  Read it like that.  The stuff about banning players is just a consequence of breaking the rules.

These rules are pretty much common sense and anyone with an ounce of decency won’t need to read them and they will not affect most people in general, as most players are very good natured. But YOU should read them carefully, just in case. 😉

If you play Rust, then you should ALSO read this Rust Specific Rules page, but read THIS PAGE first.

o There is usually ONE admin – PPlank – and several moderators.

o We want you to enjoy yourselves on the game servers, and in return we expect you to abide by the rules.  MORE than this, we DEMAND you abide by the rules.   None of the rules are optional for anyone, and to think they don’t apply to you for some reason is an arrogance that WILL earn you a ban.  Yes, we have even banned donators (4 in total as I write this) when they thought the rules didn’t apply to them simply because they’d donated.  The rules apply to EVERYONE.

o The #1 rule across all servers is – DON’T WASTE THE ADMIN’S TIME.  This extends out in many ways.  If you think you’ve found a bug, then by all means please tell us, preferably with screen shots and a full explanation in Discord.  That would clearly not be wasting our time or yours.  However, telling us you’ve found a “hacker” would in 99.99% of cases be wasting our time.  Unless of course you have incontrovertible VIDEO proof of them flying, passing through objects like a ghost, or doing enormous jumps into the air.  If you don’t have VIDEO evidence of any of these things, then don’t bother – you’ve probably just met a good player.  Especially don’t bother crying hacker if you have less than 1000 hours in Rust for example – we would consider you a Rust newbie with as few hours as that.  Rust is a VERY deep game with lots of wrinkles and exploits that you only find out after a LOT of gameplay, and listening to other players.  If you’re unsure of something, post in Discord and we’ll take a look at our leisure, no pressure on you.  If you call for an admin in game, you’d better have a damn good reason or we’ll ban you.  Better to post in Discord where you’re on safe ground – with screenshots or video if possible – we won’t ban you there.  (Well…  Unless…  If you’re rude to us there…  Guess what?  Better to be polite – everybody likes politeness.)

o Do not be rude or disrespectful to the admin or mods under any circumstances.  You’ll be banned.  #1 rule again.  We work VERY hard, please respect that by being polite.

o Do NOT argue with the admins. Do not quote the rules back to them. Do not tell them how to admin or how to do their job. If we’re in a good mood we’ll kick you and tell you not to do it again, but usually we will immediately ban you.  This is an extension of the #1 rule above.

o All bans are lifetime across all game servers and there is no appeals process.  It would be a waste of admin time to listen to appeals.  Do you see where all this is going?  We have BETTER things to do than listen to why we should unban anyone.

o If an admin or a mod kicks you, that is your last and usually only warning. The next step is a ban.

o Don’t cause the admins any unplanned work.  #1 rule again.

o Since September 2016 we’ve only had to ban a handful of particularly toxic people, but our patience has worn thin. That’s your warning. Heed it.

o The admins and mods are all here to help, but we are NOT your slaves, and we DO NOT take sides (we only observe) so don’t ask for anything you already know is going to be denied. If you do, expect to get kicked and then maybe banned.

o The admins and mods are usually very busy and put in a lot of hours away from the servers creating pages like this one and maintaining the servers, as well as working on future projects that may make you happy.  (As this is being written, there are currently SIX Rust servers that are constantly being maintained, upgraded and fixed as problems arise.  Our aspiration is to run game servers of different kinds and sizes on other hardware.  It takes a long time and a lot of work, this is why we expect you to respect us – just for this work alone.)

o Please respect the admins hard work and be polite. Being helpful earns you kudos with them. That’s a good thing. Am I repeating myself?  It’s simply because some people don’t get it.

o You can usually find an admin (and mods) in Discord text chat. If there isn’t an admin, just leave a message in #general and there’s a very good chance we’ll see it. Please don’t ping us unnecessarily.

o In the entire time the servers have been running, we have seen a handful of genuine “hackers” – let’s call them cheaters – and we watch out for them all the time. Sometimes some people are just better players than you or they have a lower ping, or they’re lucky. That is NOT a reason to come crying to us. /rant I have never understood the point of cheating. You’ll never get better at anything if you cheat, it takes work and practice.

o Sometimes an admin will be on the server under a different name, just to make sure that everything is as it should be. The admins also have some trustworthy (read “family members”) who will occasionally join the servers for the same reason. We also regularly monitor what’s going on in the console and gamemaps at all hours of the day and night. In other words, we spy on you. Always watching. Behave.

o While we might let the occasional bit of bad manners towards the admins and mods go, we take note of who and when, and if a pattern becomes apparent, expect to be kicked or banned.

-PPlank (and all the Admins and Mods)