Rust Admin and Moderator Commands

First of all… Thank you for being a moderator. Before we start with the commands though, I just want to say a few things about moderating so that no-one gets the wrong ideas about it.

Having moderator status is not a perk, it’s a duty.  I think most people get that, but I also think it’s worth me saying it here.

We thank you for your level of involvement in GameKeeper to the point where we would consider you as fit for that duty. (Sometimes we spot someone early who stands out.) It’s not a good fit for everyone, so really, if you’re there (and here on this page), thank you.

What do moderators do?

Mods are there to help the players. That’s pretty much it.

Mods are not there to get involved in any way unless requested by the players, (and even then don’t believe everything they tell you). Be VERY sceptical but polite as some players feel they can somehow manipulate (socially engineer) mods and admins to do their bidding. You are NOT their slaves.

Mods are not there to take sides, or to punish players, or to threaten them, or get involved in verbal abuse or general shit talk with them. Most of the time the players want no intervention from mods or admins at all and would be far happier if we kept away. We won’t of course, because we all like to have a bit of a snoop while “vanished” to see what they’re doing. That’s how we learn stuff. 🙂

Please don’t troll players with your mod super powers unless you know they’re okay with it first. The last thing we want is accusations of “admin abuse.”

If a player or group of players are being verbally abusive, stop talking to them and just watch – record video of any incidents if you like. Then LATER, much later, the next day if necessary or possible, when everything is calm and PPlank or one of the other admins are around and you happen to think about it, then tell them. Unless it’s a clear emergency (server crashed etc – although they should restart on their own) and you know you need to contact them right away.

So. If you have something to tell PPlank or another admin, put all your thoughts down into ONE long paragraph and PM it on Discord to one of them. PLEASE don’t send 10-30 messages as it occurs to you (yeah, one mod used to do this).  The admins have lives and every PM you send to them causes their phones to ping and interrupts what they’re doing in real life, so PLEASE be considerate. Just take 20 minutes to think, and step back a bit if you’re not sure about what to do. Often stopping and thinking about something for a little while is all it takes for a problem to fizzle out or go away.

Having said all this, a BIG THANK YOU to you mods for doing what you’re doing. It’s your consideration and help and effort that makes (I think) GameKeeper a great place to hang out.



Where you see PLAYERNAME in the commands below, you don’t need the full name just part of it will do and Oxide/umod will attempt to find the full player name. You will get told if there’s a problem. You can also use STEAMID instead of PLAYERNAME, where STEAMID is the long number such as 76561198084443317. That’s PPlank’s STEAMID btw.

/god ~ Gives you god mode and you can’t die. Unless you get in front of a low flying cargo plane. It will blow up and you will die even if you’re godded. As an admin, do this first and then there’s no panic in any situation.

/tpsave NAME ~ Saves your current location that you can /tpl name to later. Doing /tpl on its own will give you a list of locations you’ve saved. You can remove a location from your personal list by doing /tpremove NAME. As an admin, you should set a save location soon after wipe to avoid any “I’m deep under water and don’t know what to do!” situations. 😉

/noc ~ To fly around and go through solid items, press F1 and type noclip into the console. To stop flying, do it again and it will toggle off. Pressing shift while moving will accelerate you. You can also do /noc in chat, or bind a key to noclip. To bind a key, press F1 and type bind “l” noclip into the console. Change the “l” to a key that suits you. While you are noclipping, then you should /vanish first:-

/van ~ You disappear, and other players (not admins) can’t see or hear you speak or fire guns. They CAN hear you opening and closing doors, but not containers. As a side-effect, you can’t hear players speak when they use V for voice in-game (this may have changed with a recent version, TBC).

/clear ~ Clear the chat for yourself and /chatall ~ Clear the chat for ALL connected players.

/a TEXT ~ Private admin chat, e.g. /a Good evening fellow admins.

/tp PLAYERNAME and /tp STEAMID and /tp x y z ~  Teleports to a player or co-ordinates. It might be a good idea to be vanished first, just in case they’re surrounded by turrets and they all fire at you, killing them in the process. 😉

/grt GRIDREF ~ Allows you to teleport to the top left of a grid reference. e.g. /grt D12

To tp around the map, you can now use the g map and then right click wherever you want to go.

/mon list ~ Gives you a list of all the current monuments on the server and you can then teleport to them. e.g. /mon sphere tank to instantly teleport to the sphere tank/dome/gas tank monument.

/auth ~ While looking at a Tool Cupboard you can do /auth to see who’s authorised to it. Good for catching players who are working as a team on Solo.

/prod ~  Look at a building element (wall, door, lock) or Tool Cupboard and do /prod – it will give you information about that element.

/prod2 ~ Gives you information about the whole building.

/pprod ~ An older variant plugin that also gives information about elements including door and box codes. Sometimes this will work where /prod won’t.

/box ~ Look at a storage container and type /box. You will get a list of people who have been in that box. Sometimes if the list is too big, nothing will show, we can’t do anything about that. You can often use this to find out who raided who.

/sha adm ~ Puts you into admin mode for /sha. All locked doors and boxes will open without PIN.

/mk ~ Toggles MasterKey on and off to unlock all doors and containers. (Use the command above.)

/viewinv PLAYERNAME ~ Lets you view the inventory of other players, and move things in and out of their inventory. Also /vi.

/viewbackpack PLAYERNAME ~ Lets you view the backpack of other players, and move things in and out of their inventory. Also /vb.

/home homes PLAYERNAME (/hh playername) ~ Lets you see a players set /homes so you can /tp to the co-ords.

/rad ~ Toggles admin radar to show you active players. Never use /rad all as it will lag both you and the server. Please.

/rad <filter> – Allows you to toggle radar with optional filters. See further down.
/rad online – Toggles showing online players boxes only when using the box filter.
/rad help – Shows a list of commands
/rad f – Use your previous filters
/rad ui – Turn quick toggle UI on/off
/rad tracker – Draw on your screen the movement of nearby players. Must be enabled in the config.
/rad vision – Toggles showing what players are looking at.
/rad ext – Toggles showing extended information for players (some attachments are shortened. e.g 4x Zoom Scope = 4x, Simple Handmade Sight = Sight)

Radar Filters (Players, and Helicopters are shown by default)

You can do stuff like /rad play npc to only show online players and NPCs (animals, scientists)

Play – Shows players
– Show sleeping bags
Box – Show storage containers
Col – Show collectibles
Dead – Show dead players
Loot – Show loot containers, dropped loot, and backpacks
NPC – Show animals, Human NPCs, and Scientists
Ore – Show resource nodes for stone, metal, sulfur
Sleeper – Show sleeping players
Stash – Show stashes
TC – Show tool cupboards
Turret – Show turrets

All – Show all of the filters above. But really don’t do it. Only activate 2-3 at a time please. 😉

/callheli ~ Calls the helicopter. You can use /callheli PLAYERNAME to call it to a player. Use /killheli to instantly remove all helicopters from the server and /killnapalm to instantly remove all napalm fires.

/callbrokenheli ~ Calls a malfunctioning helicopter that will eventually crash and eject the pilot. A little buggy and may not be working all of the time.

/callcrash ~ Calls a low flying cargo plane. You can use /callcrash PLAYERNAME to call it to a player (yeah maybe not) or /callcrash help for help.

/track <start | stop | show> <playername | id> <length> ~ Draws a trail of arrows to show where a player has been. Using start will start tracking the player. Using stop will stop tracking a player. Using show will give a graphical display of the players travels – <length> in seconds (default 120) once tracking a player. N.B. this might be a lag monster, so use carefully. Could be useful while watching raids involving multiple players or to check if they’re using any ESP type hacks.  (This might get removed at some point so don’t be surprised if it suddenly doesn’t work.)

/item name <name|shortname> | help ~ Allows you to search items by proper name or shortname.

/zone_add (or /za) ~ Adds a zone where you’re standing. /zone name “name” to name your zone. A zone can be useful if you’re making any sort of building that you don’t want to be raided, or you want to have 100% stability all the way up. For example use /zone undestr true to make it unraidable. To find more flags, click here. You can also use /zone_list (/zl) and /zone_edit ID (/ze).

/warp add <name> <shortname> <cooldown> <time> ~ Add a warp your current location. e.g. /warp add airfield airf 120 5 will add a warp to the airfield with a cooldown time of 120 seconds and a TP time of 5 seconds.

Note: Make sure you’re not using noclip when creating a warp, it sometimes causes players to warp under the map.

/awg 50 <stone | wood> ~ Generates an arena wall from high external walls. /awg to remove.

/rt radius 50 ~ Repairs all entities within a 50m radius.

/own all playername ~ Grant ownership of a building etc, (that you’re looking at) to another player or yourself.

/unown ~ Removes all ownership from a building. Useful when you know a base has been abandoned.

/ubertool ~ Shortened version /ut – an EXTREMELY powerful build tool allowing you to build or place just about anything anywhere on the map, including at monuments.  You MUST check out the UberTool page in order to find out how it works BEFORE you try to use it as you can easily accidentally remove a player base with it (I did that once).

/day ~ Change the time to 8.55am approx.

/night ~ Change the time to 8.00pm.

/set TIME ~ Change the time to whatever. e.g. /set 22 will change the time to 10.00pm.

/nvc ~ Cancel the skip night vote.

/mute playername 0d6h0m0s ~ Would be a 6 hour mute to a player if for example they were persistently speaking in any language other than English in chat. You can shorten it to /mute playername 6h.

/showsphereadmin (/ssa) ~ Creates a sphere/dome around tool cupboards that only admins can see.

/showsphere (/ss) ~ Creates a sphere/dome around tool cupboards that players can see. Use this carefully.

/killsphere (/ks) ~ Kills the spheres/domes around tool cupboards.

/home radius 50 (/hr50) ~ Shows any player /home locations within a range of 50m.

/home radius 200 (/hr200) ~ Shows any player /home locations within a range of 200m. Use the above one first as it’s easier on the server.

/crosshair (/ch) ~ Shows a crosshair on screen. Anyone can use this but I’ve never told the players about it. It’s no longer maintained or even downloadable from anywhere and one day it will stop working. Until then there’s a poorer alternative available for when it breaks.


The Build Plugin – Build, deploy, spawn and erase entities. Be REALLY careful when using this as you can do a lot of damage without realising it. Honestly, I think it’s a bit scary. 😉

Note that this plugin is normally unloaded and has to be loaded before use. Talk to PPlank.

All of the below section about the Build plugin has been replaced by the Build UI instead. Make sure you have the middle mouse button bound correctly by F1 => Console and then doing bind ATTACK_THIRD attack3 in the console and you should be good to go. It should be bound by default, but that’s how to do it if it isn’t. Once back in the game, press the middle mouse button and you’ll see the Build UI appear. Click the middle mouse button again and the UI disappears but is STILL ACTIVE. Make sure None is selected when you’ve finished with it.

If you click Crosshair, you’ll get a little flat crosshair appear on your screen. You’ll see in the image above that the Crosshair button is unselected – that means the crosshair doesn’t show on screen. Easy. You’ll also see the None button is selected and lit up green. When you finished using the Build UI and exit out, don’t forget to leave it looking like the image above otherwise you could end up accidentally spawning or erasing things you didn’t mean to. Clicking some of the buttons will cause additional menus to appear.

There are no instructions on how all this works, but you can figure it out with a little experimentation and a read of the notes on the Build plugin page. As stated above, be REALLY careful when using this plugin and always make sure you’ve selected None when you’ve finished using it.

Probably better only to use this if you really need to, but it’s there.

Note – Many of the following commands can be done with the UberTool GUI, but we’ve included them here as sometimes UberTool won’t quite do what you want it to. We may remove this plugin at some point, so don’t be surprised if this no longer works.

/erase ~ Be REALLY careful with this one. When in /erase mode, when you right click, it instantly destroys whatever you’re looking at.  NEVER use /erase all as it erases ALL attached items. VERY dangerous to player bases and you can cause a whole base to disappear with no way of getting it back.  As soon as you’ve finished removing the item, do /erase again to turn off the erase tool. The hammer will often do the job just as well, as admins can remove immediately in many cases. /erase will also remove animals, trees, nodes (boulders).

/remove ~ Similar to /erase. Just as dangerous. It’s better to use /erase as you can sometimes get unpredictable results with /remove. Again, do /remove to turn it off.  Never ever EVER do /remove all as a careless click will remove a player base completely from a VERY long distance.

/remove structure ~ Will remove a player built buillding. Much safer than /remove all

/deploy “Camp Fire” ~ Will allow you to right click and place camp fires inside cave walls for example. Very useful for lighting up caves for player bases. I’m okay with this as long as the player wants it too. I only put them near cave bases, not in the whole cave system, so it’s still difficult for a raider to find his way to the cave base.


/deploy “Lantern”
/deploy “Tuna Can Lamp”
/deploy “Metal Barricade”
/deploy “Two Sided Town Sign Post”
/deploy “Large Furnace”

…which can be quite useful. Turn it off by typing /deploy again or /build.

/spawn foundation 0 4 ~ Will spawn an armoured foundation on water for example, when you right click. Quite useful for creating an admin base under the map. Can be a bit fiddly. Disable with /spawn or /build.

/build foundation 0 4 ~ Will cause an armoured foundation to be placed next to the one you’re looking at (look down) when you right click. Can be a bit fiddly. Disable with /build.


If a player requests a TP out from a base he’s raiding where he’s got stuck, you MUST NOT help them. It would be unfair to the owner of the base. But, if a player falls in between walls in his own base or gets stuck in a cave system, you can TP them out if they need it. Check the base ownership first with /prod and /prod2 to make sure it really is his base.  Some players can be cheeky and evasive, so make sure you’re happy with what they’re telling you.  😉

Admin Only Commands

Because these can potentially lag the server or are otherwise felt best to be restricted, mods can’t use these commands, they’re for admins only. We may change this individually. – You should read this page for all the options.

/copy <filename> ~ Will copy a base or structure into a filename for later pasting back into a map.

/paste <filename> <height x> ~ Will paste a filename as a structure into the map, with an optional height parameter if it doesn’t quite appear as it should. If the base is pasting under the map at sea level (an intermittent bug) then open the console (F1) and type printpos. It will give you your x, y, z co-ords where y is your height above sea level. You can then paste it in using the height command and while it might need a little bit of tweaking, it’s usually about right.

/pasteback <filename> ~ Will paste a filename as a structure into the map in the EXACT SAME location as it was originally copied from. This only works correctly if you’re pasting back into the SAME map.

/undo ~ This will undo the last paste command and remove the base you’ve pasted in. Very useful when trying to exactly place a base where it might take several attempts to get it right.