Rust Commands

Rust Chat Commands

While in-game, press the <return> key for text chat and you can use the following chat commands. If you’re unsure about the command, or can’t remember one, just ask in-game and somebody is sure to help you.

/info ~ Will display Server Info, Commands,  Rules, and some other useful information such as the link to the Discord Server (come say hello). Study this info to gain an advantage over other players.

/kit KITNAME ~ Using this command you can instantly claim kits of free items which appear in your inventory. Always make sure you have free space in your inventory or even empty all your inventory into a box before claiming any kits, because if you don’t have space for more items, they will evaporate and the items will not then appear in your inventory. Doing /kit on its own will list out all your personally available kits, and also show you the cool down time before you can claim each one again. Common kits are food, medic, hunter, and build. Just by joining the Steam Group, you will be able to claim one free supply signal every day with /kit steam. If you’ve donated and you’re a VIP rank, then you’ll find some additional kits available to you.

/home add NAME ~ Will add a home called NAME on a foundation block only that you can teleport to from any non-building blocked location on the map. You can also use /home list and /home remove NAME.

/home NAME ~ To teleport to a home you’ve previously set.

/tpr PLAYERNAME ~ Request a teleport to another player. You only need to use part of their name, but make sure it’s unique. You’ll get a warning if it isn’t. You can /tpc to cancel the request. Be wary of teleporting to other players you don’t already know and trust as there’s a few seconds delay before you wake up from the teleport, and in that time you can be killed and looted.

/tpa ~ Accept the teleport request from another player. You can /tpc to cancel the request BEFORE you accept, or just ignore it. Be wary of accepting teleport requests as people will often do it just to find your base location on the maps.

/tpinfo ~ Shows teleport limits and cooldowns.

/tphelp ~ Shows teleport help.

/ttb ~ Teleports you to the Bandit Camp.

/tto ~ Teleports you to the Outpost.

/pm PLAYERNAME ~ Allows you to Private Message another player and /r replies to the last person.

/ad NUMBER ~ AutoDoors or automatic closing of doors. By default all your doors will auto close after 15 seconds, but you can change this period up to 30 seconds by using /ad 5 or /ad 10 or whatever. You can turn off the autodoors by just typing /ad and turn it back on again by /ad 5 for example. Bear in mind that if you’ve turned off autodoors and left doors open, turning autodoors back on again will NOT close any doors. This command has a similar (but more flexible) effect to the Rust Door Closer introduced on the 16th February 2017.

/bgrade 0 (to 4) ~ This will set your building grade and will auto-upgrade every build item (foundations, walls, etc) to the relevant build. The grades are 0 (twig, default), 1 (wood), 2 (stone), 3 (metal), 4 (armoured). You need to have the relevant materials in your inventory in order to place the build item. In other words, there’s no point in setting the bgrade to 4 if you have no High Quality Metal (HQM) in your inventory.

/codelock ~ Gives you a series of toggle options to use when applying codelocks to doors. You can also set a PIN to be applied whenever you place a codelock on a door, or even auto-place a codelock (locked and with PIN) on a door when you place the door itself.

/remove ~ Allows you to remove building items you constructed for a small charge.

/s ~ Opens the Rewards Store where you can buy and sell some in-game items using Reward Points (RP). You can also earn RP just by being on the server, and doing things like killing animals and other players.

/trade PLAYERNAME ~ Allows you to trade with another player remotely. HINT: Very useful during a raid. 😉

/friend <add/remove> <name/steamID> ~ Will add a player on the server as your friend. Doing a /friend on its own will list all your friends on the server. You will then appear on the map to your new friend – they need to do the same thing so that you can see them.

/ff <on/off> ~ Will turn on and off friendly fire so that you won’t hurt your friends accidentally in battle.

/clan <help> ~ Create and invite clan members to your clan. Doing /clan ally will form an alliance between your clan and another friendly clan.

/sha <option> ~ Automatically authorise all your friends on all your Tool Cupboards <c>, Turrets <t>, Doors <d>, and Boxes <b>. You can also do the same thing with your clan mates using <cc>, <ct>, <cd>, <cb>. In the case of doors and boxes your friends and clan mates don’t need to know your door codes. You can also do /sha a to skip the step of authorising yourself on Tool Cupboards and Turrets as you place them down.

/q ~ Access the Quests menu to gain rewards. You can accept all Quests at the same time if you wish.

/pc ~ Check out how you compare with other players using the ranking system.

/turret ~ Use this command while looking at an autoturret to be able to upgrade it to a Rocket Turret.

/sil <URL> ~ Add an image off the web to any deployable item you can draw on. The <URL> must be a link to either a .JPG/.JPEG or a .PNG. Example: /sil

/skinbox ~ (Limited for regular players.) Opens the skinbox interface where you can place a skinnable item of CLOTHING into the box, and remove a re-skinned item using ANY skin in the Rust Workshop. Donators can skin ANY skinnable item including guns and doors etc, while non-donators can only skin clothing. You can donate here.


VIP Only Commands

These commands are available to VIP ranks only. Donate to become a VIP.

/craftrec ~ Gives you a wooden box in your inventory to place down, once placed the box will turn into a useable recycler. You can place them on any foundations or ceilings.

/skinbox ~ Opens the skinbox interface where you can place ANY skinnable item (clothes, deployables and weapons), into the box, and remove a re-skinned item using ANY skin in the Rust Workshop.

/mymini ~ Spawn a mini copter.

/nomini ~ Despawn mini copter.

/wmini ~ Find mini copter.

/gmini ~ Get/fetch mini copter.

/turret antiair ~ Convert your turrets into anti air turrets. These will automatically lock onto a heli and shoot it down. Not available on PvE.

/callheli <YOURNAME> ~ Allows you to call a heli to yourself that you can shoot down and loot.