Rust Half Height Walls

Coming soon to Rust are the long overdue half height walls.  Why FacePunch do a lot of things is beyond me, but when they removed the half height floor block months ago was a real puzzler as it immediately limited and removed a lot of cool base designs.

But with introduction of half height walls, you can now make your own half height floor blocks.  Expect some clever (read: “sneaky”) base designs again.

From Rust dev blog 187:-

Building 3.0
André Straubmeier

This week I pretty much completed the new building system. I started by allowing foundations to snap to each other at a vertical offset of half a wall. Then I added half height walls that can be used to even out that offset on the higher floors. With half height walls and a floor you can of course also construct your own half height block – if you’re still nostalgic for this long removed building block type.