Rust Server 1 Port Change

EDIT: We’ve now changed the port and map location back to the original.

As a test…

We’ve changed the port of Rust Server #1 FROM 28015 TO 28035 in an attempt to stop random freezes. map Server #1

Recent updates by FacePunch have been randomly causing freezes on Rust servers. They thought they’d identified (and fixed) it as a fault with the navmesh used by the Animal AI but we’re still seeing server #1 freezing regularly. Server #2 seems to be okay.

It’s quite bizarre. RCON doesn’t disconnect and the map seems to be fine too, but the game server itself is doing nothing. As soon as we close the console the RCON tool throws an error and the map disconnects too. The last message we get when terminating the process is an EAC error.

As we think that *maybe* (who knows?) some naughty person out there is doing an EAC check on servers, and which as a byproduct freezes them. As #1 runs on the standard Rust port, then changing ports may stop the freezes.

We don’t know for sure, but we think it’s at least worth a try.