Rust Servers

All servers wipe on the first Thursday of every month unless stated otherwise.

Currently PvE is on a monthly wipe while the PvP servers are on a trial bi-weekly wipe cycle, where wipe is the first and second or third Thursday depending on a 4 or 5 week month. ie For a 5 week month, wipe would be at week 1 and 4 so there's 2 weeks before the monthly forced wipe. It's likely that PvE will go bi-weekly at some point in the near future.

No, we don't know the exact time, it's always up to FacePunch and how quickly they can get their new builds out.


PvE Rust Server - steam://connect/

x5 gather PvE plus experience increases and a lot of loot in barrels and chests (no junk). All buildings are protected and can't be raided, but if someone leaves a door or roof open, then they can be looted. Players can't be killed by other players except for in the few PvP zones (you get a warning when entering). You can still be killed by the environment (animals, radiation, scientists, zombies). PvE Map:


CLANS Rust Server - steam://connect/

x10 gather PvP plus progression through activity on the server (gather amounts, wood cutting, crafting, etc) and a lot of loot in barrels and chests (no junk). This is the place to go to make friends and enemies, build a clan and go raiding. PvP Map:


SOLO Rust Server - steam://connect/

x10 gather Solo PvP - like the PvP server above, but for SINGLE players only. When we catch you (and we will) teaming or co-operating with other players in any way (sharing without using /trade, or raiding, fetching stuff for another player etc), you will be banned permanently from ALL our Rust servers. Trading between players via /trade is permitted, but that's it. The server wipes on the first Thursday night of every month. SOLO Map:


DUO Rust server - steam://connect/

x10 gather Duo PvP - like the PvP server above, but for TWO-PLAYER teams only - allying with other teams to form a larger clan will earn you a permanent ban on all our Rust servers. Wiped every 2 weeks, or at week 3 if it's a 5-week month. DUO Map:

Mini-map vs Map

For a while we used to run the servers with an in-game mini-map which was okay but not as good as the full size maps at Then one time after an update of the mini-map plugin which reduced the size of the viewable portion of the map, suddenly some players (strangely not all) were having their Rust client crash with red text written all over it. It was only when we removed the mini-map that the problem went away for people. We think it's probably a clash between two plugins on the servers, but even today we still have no idea what might be causing the problem.

Until we discover what's causing it, then we recommend that everyone use the maps on the web site in your web browser. They're far better quality and you can see cargo planes, helicopters (and their crash sites) and your friends and clan mates all on one big map. If you needed an excuse to buy a second monitor, this is it. 😉 🙄

In both cases, when viewing the maps make sure to log in via Steam auth and you'll see yourself (and optionally your friends and clan mates) moving around on the map.

And while you're messing around with Steam, it's a good idea to join the GameKeeper Steam Group too. You'll get a free supply signal every day by typing the chat command /kit steam while in-game on one of the servers.