Rust Specific Rules

Additional Rust Specific Rules

This is not a definitive list, so don’t test us. Behave and don’t cause the admins any trouble.

You should also read the general Rules page too, preferably before this one.

If you think you’ve found a bug, then the correct way to report it is in the Discord #bugs channel.  The incorrect way to report it is pretty much any other way.  Bug reports in Discord please, no need to ping anyone.  Admins are pretty much always on Discord either by PC or phone/tablet, and can deal with issues at their convenience.  Admins are busy.

o No MASSIVE Bases. I don’t mean big bases, I mean MASSIVE ones with thousands of unneccessary entities that cause stress on the server and stress to other players. Read this post for an explanation.

o Do not abuse an error in the setup or an exploit. This includes but is not limited to: using or abusing a design flaw, configuration error, exploit, game or plugin bug to achieve a personal gain in a way that was clearly not intended during your gameplay. If you know of an exploit then you should report it. Otherwise ban hammer time.

o Keep these questions in mind.
“Would I like it if someone took advantage of an exploit to do this to me?”
“Would I do this if one of the mods or admins was invisible and floating above me and watching?”
If the answer is no, then don’t do it.

o Don’t waste an admin’s time with nitshit.  We’re VERY busy making things better.  We don’t have time for your drama and if you waste any of our time, we WILL ban you. At best, we’ll kick or mute you.

o No whining about anything. We really mean it. Grow some. We’re not interested.

o Admins don’t take sides.  We don’t get involved in gameplay.  Admins are there to admin only.  This means making the servers and web site better, NOT holding your hand.

o Do NOT accuse the admins or mods of abuse.  We don’t play on our own servers, and we can spawn anything in we need.  We’re busy with technicalities pretty much all of our spare time.  Why would we want to raid your base or cause you problems?  We WANT players on our servers and the last thing we’re going to do is drive people away with dumb shit.  We’re not 15 year olds.  PPlank is the oldest member and was born in 1959.  He’s seen and done a lot of things.  Causing problems on his own servers would be stupid for everybody concerned.  We have had ONE mod abuse his position, but we engineered that so we could ban him and use him as an example.  He was 15.  Yes PPlank is a nice guy but has been around a while and knows how to be a nasty bastard too.  Don’t accuse him or his fellow admins of abuse – you will be banned.

o Do NOT raid the admins unless otherwise invited. Admin bases are clearly admin. They will either have a radioactive zone around them, or a message will appear in chat, or will have signs up, or will be impossible player builds – floating, extremely tall past the point of normal Rust stability, etc. Anyone but a total Rust newbie would almost immediately recognise an admin base.

o Just because you’re a newbie doesn’t mean we won’t ban you.

o Don’t accuse another player of griefing, abuse or hacking unless you have VIDEO PROOF. If it’s not on video, it didn’t happen (sometimes screenshots are acceptable but not usually). If you implicate another player or PM an admin but don’t have any PROOF to back up your claim, you may annoy us. Don’t annoy us or otherwise waste our time. We will ban you for that.

o Rock Glitch bases are seen as cheating and will result in a ban. (These may not be possible any more, but we’re not holding our breath.)

o Hackers (cheaters) will be banned when caught.

o ENGLISH ONLY in global chat please. You can PM your friends in any language you like.

o Impersonating any admins, the SERVER CONSOLE, or other players names is an immediate bannable offence.

o Flooding the chat channel with CAPS FURY is frowned upon and if you do so you risk a serious case of bears, wolves, and possibly chickens in your foundations (the clucking will drive you insane).

o Raging or nasty abuse of another player on the basis of gender, race etc will result in you being muted or kicked. General trash talking not targeted at a specific player is generally tolerated but if another player asks you to stop, then stop.

o Pornographic or otherwise adult pics will result in you being asked to remove them, kicked, or banned depending on the mood of the admin at the time. We can tell who placed an entity so we’ll know who did it. There’s a time and a place for everything, and this isn’t the place. Don’t risk it.

o The best way of dealing with verbal abuse is to ignore it, find and raid their base. (You can /ignore a player and you won’t see their chat messages any more.)

o Advertising other servers will NOT be tolerated. This is an instant ban. Don’t do it.

o General douchebaggery or disruption means a kick or ban at the admins discretion.

o Keep it sweet, be nice to people. They might be your new best friend.

o Do NOT argue with the admins and don’t waste their time. That’s SO important it’s in the rules several times. We WILL help you and we WILL listen to you, but not if you’re angry or whining. Fair enough?

-The Admins