Server Changes 6th April 2023

Apart from some plugin updates such as RaidableBases and Backpacks, there have been a few changes that make sense to me.

o QuarryLevels has been removed from all servers. This is because there are bugs in the plugin and it isn’t working properly. Most importantly the dev (Death) is no longer maintaining the plugin and there are lots of unanswered support questions. This is the second paid plugin to my knowledge that the dev has abandoned (Hotbars is now looked after by another dev – RaulMaintained), so no more purchases from Death. Worse is the fact that he’s the main man on the CodeFling website, so he’s setting a bad example there for all the other devs.

o GlobalStorage (Enderchests) has been removed from the PvP servers due to complaints about them being used to store loot permanently which isn’t what they were intended for. They will remain on PvE. For PvP servers, don’t forget you can still use small stashes hidden on another part of the map.

o MonumentLock has been added to the PvE servers. This is intended to lock event monuments such as the Oil Rigs so that other players can’t steal your loot once you’ve started the event, which has been one of the complaints on PvE servers for a while now. (Some people just don’t read the rules.)

You need to understand that this plugin will need some configuration and I’m sure I’ll need to make some changes to it as I don’t think it’s going to work exactly as I hope right out of the box. I could be wrong.

Some features are:-

– A monument locks to the first player (and team) who loots, shoots, hacks or swipes, granting them total access.
– A locked monument may prevent other players from looting and/or card reader access (configurable).
– Unauthorized players cannot do damage to players or NPCs, nor can they loot their bodies (configurable).
– Unauthorized players cannot hack locked crates within a monument’s bounds. (configurable)

You can read the full feature set here:-